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Learn to Cook Cuisine and Patisserie at Le Cordon Bleu Culinary Festival 2018

Excitement of the participants while cooking cuisine menu with chef Sylvain. Photo / Doc. SUN

In collaboration with SUN Education, Le Cordon Bleu (LCB) held the LCB Culinary Festival on Saturday, March 10, 2018 at Modena Experience Center, Jakarta and Sunday, March 11, 2018 at Almond Zucchini Cooking Studio. LCB is known as an institution with a reputation for excellence in culinary and hospitality.

Through this third event, young people who are interested in culinary have the opportunity to create cuisine and patisserie from experienced chefs. They are chef Sylvain and chef Thierry who are also tutors at LCB Malaysia.

On the first day of LCB Culinary Festival 2018, the workshop was divided into two sessions, a Cuisine session taught by chef Sylvain and a Patisserie session taught by Chef Thierry. A total of 75 participants from high school to university joined in this activity.


Cuisine Session at LCB Culinary Festival 2018

Attended by 38 participants, chef Sylvain explained the ingredients needed to cook cuisine to the participants. The menu to be cooked is sea trout fish with soy milk emulsion, green beans and carrot beans with white wine sauce.

Chef Sylvain taught the participants in detail in terms of technique. Starting from cutting fish, making garnish and white wine sauce, to teaching aesthetic plating techniques.


Chef Sylvain is preparing trout for cooking. Photo / Doc. SUN


Chef Sylvain is beautifying the main course dishes. Photo / Doc. SUN

“The most important thing in serving food is to adjust to customer’s wishes. Our opinion on food is important, but we still have to adjust it to the tastes of our customers,” said Chef Sylvain.

After the chef Sylvain demonstrated how to cook the menu, participants were allowed to taste the cuisine. Next, it’s the participants’ turn to demonstrate their ability by practicing all the techniques that have been taught in a demo session at their respective stations.

The final look of slow cooked-trout with soy milk emulsions, green beans and carrot beans with white wine sauce. Photo / Doc. SUN

Participants were divided into 10 groups to cook similar menu. From the results of the dishes made by the participants, chef Sylvain will give an assessment on several categories, namely the discipline of time, tidiness of work, cleanliness of the station, and the results of plating cuisine.

LCB Culinary Festival 2018

The excitement of the participants while cooking cuisine menu with chef Sylvain. Photo / Doc. SUN

The participants made the menu enthusiastically. Here is the 1st, 2nd, 3rd winner:

Culinary Festival 2018

The 1st winner of Cuisine Session. Photo/Doc. SUN


The 2nd winner of Cuisine Session. Photo/Doc. SUN


The 3rd winner of Cuisine Session. Photo/Doc. SUN

As a member of the group’s first winning group at the Cuisine session, Henri, a student of Atmajaya University majoring Industrial Engineering expressed his excitement in following this event.

“I never thought that cooking would be so much fun. When the first moment of cooking menu I was confused what to do, because I forgot how to cook the menu. But, finally, my group could work together,” said him.


Learn to Make Patisserie at LCB Culinary Festival 2018

A total of 37 participants participated to learn how to make patisserie. The menu taught by Chef Thierry is Tartlets with tropical cremeux, raspberry fruit gelee, and macaroon on the side.

Firstly, Chef Thierry showed the making of Raspberry jelly, tropical fruit cremeux, and lemon macaroon dough. All done by Chef Thierry deftly, painstakingly, and skillfully, because the patisserie dish should look interesting.

Chef Thierry is making lemon macaroon dough. Photo / Doc. SUN

“Everyone can make a nice patisserie. To get there, you have to keep practicing and practicing,” Chef Thierry told the participants.

After all, ingredients are ready to serve, Chef Thierry taught the participants how to plating macaroon to look beautiful.

Chef Thierry sketched on a plate to give an idea to the participants of the menu later. Photo / Doc. SUN


Chef Thierry made a final touch of menu with raspberry jelly. Photo / Doc. SUN


The plating results from Chef Thierry for the Tartlets menu with tropical cremeux, raspberry fruit gelee, and macaroon on the other side. Photo / Doc. SUN

Afterward, participants started to make tartlets according to what is taught by chef Thierry previously. The participants showed their skill in making tartlets to look beautiful.

Chef Evelyn guided some participants. Photo / Doc. SUN


The participants are busy to decorate the tartlets to make it more beautiful. Photo / Doc. SUN

There are three groups that also won the patisserie session. Here are the group winners:

The first winner of Patisserie session. Photo/Doc. SUN


The second winner of Patisserie session. Photo/Doc. SUN


The third winner of Patisserie session. Photo/Doc. SUN

One of the participants from the group winner, Shavira, was very enthusiastic about the workshop. The student of Padjadjaran University majoring in Russian Literature is very interested in pastry.

“I do like pastry. Because I was a student of a vocational school in cooking. My impression after following the whole workshop was very exciting. If I had known this event from a long time ago, I would have joined this event from the first. ”


Private Mentoring Session at LCB Culinary Festival 2018

In a private mentoring session on the second day, the participants get hands-on experience directly from chef Thierry and Sylvain. Activities start from preparing dinner with 10 meal courses, some of which are tropical tartlets, trout and radish trout, mustard and chive macaroon filled with smoked duck and foie gras, pumpkin cream and fried clams, stewed beef oysters, and more.

Private Mentoring class at LCB Culinary Festival 2018. Photo / Doc. SUN

Not only learn to cook, the participants are also taught how to serve the courses. After that, all the food menu that have been made by them are given to the parents of each participant. All the cooking activities in this event are very fun.

The parents and relatives of the participants are ready to try the courses that have been cooked by the participants.

For more information about LCB, please contact our counselor at the nearest SUN Education office or visit SUN Course Navigation for programs offered by LCB. (SJV)

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