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10 Most Beautiful Universities in the UK

Royal Holloway building. Source Royal Holloway

10 Most Beautiful Universities in the UK. The beauty of buildings and campus environment becomes the main attraction for students in choosing a university. Of course, this aspect makes students feel more comfortable and at home during the campus. Not only that, beautiful campus building is something that students can be proud of.

Speaking of the beauty of the campus, UK is one of the unforgettable countries that have beautiful and classical campuses. With attention to green space and modern gothic buildings, here are the 10 most beautiful universities in the UK based on the Times Higher Education 2017:


  1. Royal Holloway

Located in Egham, Surrey, Royal Holloway campus, University of London creates a beautiful, leafy environment that makes it one of the most beautiful universities in the UK. There is a teaching-room, bar, café, accommodation and sports facilities all located in 135 acres of parkland. The park is also home to 200 species of shrubs, 150 types of trees, and a variety of flowering plants.

The main Founder’s Building is a venue for the collection of Victorian and Thomas Holloway paintings. These campus buildings often appear in various films, including Downton Abbey and Avengers: Age of Ultron.


One of 10 Most Beautiful Universities in the UK

Royal Holloway building. Source Royal Holloway


  1. University of Edinburgh

The Georgian Old College is one of the most iconic architectural buildings built in 1789. With a very eye-catching building dome, this campus is home to the University’s Law School and contemporary art gallery, the Talbot Rice Gallery. Not only the building, the beauty of the campus is increasingly visible from the natural scenery of Arthur’s Seat volcano as high as 823 feet overlooking the city, so students do not feel bored just looking at the city scene.


University of Edinburgh building. Source: University of Edinburgh


  1. University of Oxford

The third position is occupied by a renowned university in England, University of Oxford. Who does not know the style of this very old-school campus? There are 38 campuses, buildings, and facilities scattered throughout the city. One of its landmarks is Radcliffe Camera, a neoclassical library that is part of one of Europe’s oldest libraries, Bodleian, which contains old historical books. In addition, there is Christ Church Meadow and 30-acre Harcourt Arboretum for students who want to study quietly or just do a summer picnic.


University of Oxford. Source: Times Higher Education


  1. University of Cambridge

Following Oxford is the University of Cambridge, which is the second oldest university in the world. This UK flagship university that has stood since the 13th century has eight museums, botanical gardens, and 31 colleges. The campus is known for its magnificent structures, unique architecture, and each of the historic buildings from the traditional Tudor to the contemporary age. Other notable buildings are the King’s College Chapel and the Bridge of Sighs. Some of the campus buildings that overlook the River Cam also look more beautiful.


University of Cambridge. Source: University of Cambridge


  1. Keele University

Serene and beautiful rural atmosphere can be felt around the Keele University campus environment. The campus consists of parks, lakes, rivers, hidden sidewalks, and arboretum, home to a variety of beautiful plants that adorn the Keele campus. The campus building is in the form of a magnificent red brick house with typical 19th-century ancient buildings.

Located three miles from Newcastle-under-Lyme in Staffordshire, Keele’s campus covers about 625 hectares. There are facilities that support college students and staff, such as shops, health facilities, accommodation, and sports facilities on campus.

Keele University building. Source: Times Higher Education


  1. University of Glasgow

This university could be one of the most Instagram-able universities. Magnificent architecture is the hallmark of the University of Glasgow that brings together Gothic Revival and Brutalism. Students can find beautiful and interesting places in the university. Call it Gilbert Scott Building which became the second largest example of gothic revival architecture in the UK, after the Palace of Westminster. Equally amazing, students can be fascinated with the Hunterian Museum and Art Gallery that are antique, yet look quite modern. In addition to the building, students’ eyes will also be spoiled with green sights in Gaelic and 90 other parks to explore.


University of Glasgow campus. Source: University of Glasgow


  1. Queen’s University Belfast

Covering 300 buildings, each building in the university has its own beauty. The Lanyon Building, the core of Queen’s University’s timeless symbol, is designed with the Gothic and Tudor concept of a great mid-century university. The front of the Lanyon Building is very popular and is often seen on banknotes, billboards, and tourist posters. The architect, Sir Charles Lanyon, is also responsible for designing other Belfast landmarks, such as Belfast Castle, Crumlin Road Gaol, and Customs House.


Queen’s University Belfast campus. Source: Queen’s University Belfast


  1. University of Greenwich

The University of Greenwich is a very historic university. Greenwich’s main campus – an old white building is a UNESCO World Heritage site designed by Sir Christopher Wren in the 17th century. Located on the banks of the River Thames, the uniqueness of the buildings of the university also often make it a popular site for filming locations, such as Four Weddings and a Funeral, Gulliver’s Travels, The Queen, Les Misérables and The King’s Speech. At the university, students can find entertainment, such as the famous attractions of the Cutty Sark ship and the National Maritime Museum (free), bars, theaters, comedy clubs and restaurants.

University of Greenwich. Sumber: University of Greenwhich


  1. University of Bristol

In addition to carrying Gothic characters, the University of Bristol also combines contemporary architecture and stunning heritage. There are parks and open spaces for students to relax or simply take a walk. Gothic concept design can also be seen from Bristol Law Library building.

Main university campus is located in Georgia and other contemporary blocks in Clifton. The city is also known to be creative (Bristol-born Mural Banksy can be found all over the city), and the backdrop of rural streets and bridges of Brunel.

University of Bristol. Source: University of Bristol


  1. Cardiff University

Compared to the other universities listed above, Cardiff University is among the youngest universities. However, this campus building is not less interesting with others. The university in the 10th position as one of the most beautiful universities has classic and unique building styles, extensive tree-lined streets, and elegant Portland stone buildings make this campus look very charming. Many academic facilities overlook the Cathays Park in central Cardiff so students can see interesting sights to refresh the eyes.


Cardiff University. Source: Times Higher Education


That’s all about 10 Most Beautiful Universities in The UK. Interested? For assistance in study overseas application, please contact our counselors in the nearest SUN Education office. (SJV)

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