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3 January 2018
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Miss Internet 2017: Career Opportunity for Indonesian Youngsters is Very Varied

The progress of a nation is determined by innovation in the use of technology. This proves that innovative and creative drivers are needed in the future of the technology industry in the country.

The Internet is one of the most influential parts for the advancement of the technology industry. In Indonesia alone, out of a total of 262 million inhabitants, there are 132.7 million internet users and 106 million social media users in 2017 based on data from the global agency website We Are Social. This fact shows the awareness of Indonesian citizens in using the internet is quite high. It can also be seen from the lifestyle of people globally who do almost all the activities online. Starting from shopping, buying food, accessing transportation, even to finding a life partner.

During her seminar “The Future of Youth, Technology and Indonesia’s Working Industry”, Miss Internet 2017 Marsya Gusman said that with the emergence of the internet for all areas, the younger generation has an increasingly diverse career options. In the session which is part of Australia New Zealand Education Expo on 13 and 14 January 2018, Marsya shared updated information about new jobs that occur along with the presence and growth of the internet. Like the profession of Digital Marketer, Social Media Specialist, SEO Specialist, even classmate Youtuber or Social Media Influencer.

technology industry

Miss Internet 2017 Marya Gusman explained about the future of Indonesian youngsters in the technology industry. Photo/Doc. SUN

The future of Indonesia’s young generation in the digital age is also supported by the government that contributes in developing the digital economy, such as supporting technopreneurs in Indonesia, connecting creative youngsters and guiding them on digital technology, making technopark, and investing in start-up companies that provide solutions for the nation.

Seeing the phenomenon, Marsya said it is important for young people to prepare themselves better, especially in having an open mind and willing to learn.

“The most important thing is not to shut down yourself because development and change must continue to happen. If we are close-minded and we do not want to accept change, we can get the bad impact later. We must be willing to learn from others, open ourselves to new things, and continue to explore the potential of ourselves,” explained this 23-year-old woman to the students and parents in the room.

A graduate of Deakin University for the Bachelor of Business program also said that it is necessary for the young generation to improve communication and negotiating skills to be ready to work in this highly innovative and dynamic digital age. To be able to survive in the digital industry, she said we should be able to adaptively and quickly respond to changing times.

Marsya hopes that this technological advancement will make the younger generation as the one who is able to control technology, not technology-controlled.

“If we can make money from it, we can work from it, we can do something productive from it, it’s a sign that we can control the technology. If we can filter (the impact of technology), we can control the technology. But, if we are just too easy to believe something, we can be dominated by propaganda, it means we are still under control. So, make the most of internet itself. As long as we can make something valuable, why not?”

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