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21 February 2018
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Timothy Astandu: Graduated PhD at Young Age and His Contribution to Indonesia

Timothy Astandu. Pursuing higher education is important and being educated is a dream of many people. Just as former South African President Nelson Mandela said, education is the most powerful weapon to change the world.

That dream has been achieved by Timothy Astandu. He earned a P.h.D from the world’s leading university, University of Cambridge, at the age of 26 years. It cannot be denied that we will be amazed knowing the educational background of this 28-year-old man.

Timothy graduated in a Bachelor of Science in Human Resource Management and Services program in 2010 at the London School of Economics. Upon graduation, he continued his Master of Science in Modern Chinese Studies, Distinction at the University of Oxford and graduated in 2011. In his road to pursue a PhD program, he earned a Master of Philosophy in Innovation, Strategy, and Organization at the University of Cambridge, ‘til finally he got his PhD in Leadership and Management Studies in 2016.

Continuing his education to the highest level apparently was not something Timothy had ever planned before, but because of the situation and opportunity he got.

“Incidentally at that time, I have not wanted to go back to Indonesia. If I returned to Indonesia, I’m not sure I could study abroad again. I think learning is a momentum. If you study for three to four years, probably when you want to continue P.h.D, you will not be so excited.

“It’s because there were opportunities that made me motivated. On the other hand, the motivation also came from my hobby of doing research and knowing new things, especially about companies, organizations,” said Timothy in an interview with SUN in UK & Europe Education Expo on Sunday, February 11, 2018 in Jakarta.

Timothy admitted that he also experienced boredom during his seven to eight years of study. However, he believes that if we’re passionate about what we do, we will soon pick up the mood again.

Tim said that what kept him motivated to complete his PhD education was his interest in research. He wants to continue to develop something new and can contribute in developing Indonesia’s economy in the field of research.

In realizing his passion into action, he also ventured as Managing Director at Populyx, a start-up company engaged in research to assist Indonesian companies in building business through Populyx market research. In the future, he wants to build a company that can sell its shares into the Compass 50 index.



Interesting Study Experience in the UK

The reason Timothy study in the UK apparently because he likes watching football game.

“By studying in the UK, I can watch footballs and traveling. I always love traveling and UK is a perfect place for traveling.

All of his college life in the UK has not only been a fascinating experience for him, but has also brought his own challenges.

“The challenge lies on the high living cost in the UK. Fortunately, I was quite good in managing expenses. Then, in terms of weather and adaptation was also not easy, but it was not a problem since I love travel, so I soon able to adapt to the culture there. ”


His “Traveling” Hobby

In addition to successful completion of education in the UK and contribute to helping many people, other dream that he has achieved is able to travel around the world. Now, he’s been traveling to more than 100 countries.

Timothy Astandu

Timothy Astandu was in Raja Ampat, Indonesia


Photos of Timothy Astandu while traveling to Qatar. Source: Instagram Timothy @timoventures

His interest in traveling was influenced by her mother who’s a content writer for National Geographic Indonesia magazine. He admitted that his own family addicted to collect memories. He thinks memories can be saved forever, rather than collecting items that have their own period.

During traveling, Timothy often tastes local food and follows the activities of local residents. When he was interviewed, he had just returned from Cape Verde, an archipelago about 350 km from southwest Africa. Next, he will go to Korea to visit his girlfriend.


Tips to Get In to the Leading University

Timothy said the most important thing in applying to a leading university is not to give up easily and “mastering the system”. That is, in addition to trying, we also have to understand what the university wants from the “output” that we provide.

“Believe in yourself and work hard. The important thing is to follow the common tips (tips for entry to overseas universities). Even if you fail, do not be disappointed. It’s a learning step. Just do your best. Everyone has different opportunities. If you just do your best, you will be satisfied. ” (SJV)

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