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Dear Millennials, These are The Tips to Success in Career and Being a Leader

For Millennial, Tips to Success in Career and Being a Leader

Millennial generation is often regarded as “Me Me Me Generation” in which they tend to have selfish and arrogant characters. Undeniably, the growth of technology that makes everything practical and instant has an influence on the character of generation born in 1980-2000s.

Regardless of that perception, the millennial generation also has the ability and great potential to be a leader. Maya Arviani, Associate Director and Head of Office for Leasing of Gunung Sewu Group shared more about the millennial generation at a seminar entitled “Millennials : Skills for the Next Generation of Leaders” at the World Top 250 Prestigious Universities Education Expo on Sunday, March 25, 2018 . The woman who had worked at IBM and Microsoft shared the keys to a successful career and became a leader summarized in the following steps:

Maya Arviani explained the Millennial topics: Skills for the Next Generation of Leaders at the World Top 250 Prestigious Universities Education Expo. Photo: SUN

Grow Honesty and Hard Working Characters

“To achieve a successful career, the most important is the character,” said Maya.

She explained that millennial generation must have integrity. Her successful formula is to have the character of honesty and hard work while working for you can be respected and trusted by those around you.


Sharpen the Leadership Skill within You

“The true test of leadership is when you are able to lead without power and authority. It is when you can influence people, make them believe, get the commitment, follow your vision of a better tomorrow,” said Maya following a wise quote from one of her mentors.

The author of the book Career First said to be able to hone the skill of leadership, we do not have to wait for the highest position first to prove it. We can even do it when we are at the staff level or in the world of the organization. The trick is being able to convince people and contribute to making something better.


Be an Empowering Leader

“For me, the ideal leadership style is empowerment. Empowerment means people should be given the opportunity to be able to convey aspirations and opinions,” said Maya.


Empowerment means people should be given the opportunity to be able to convey aspirations and opinions. Source: Shutterstock

Reflecting on her leadership experience, Maya believes that her team can excel when she challenged them. She also involved her subordinates to be able to solve their own solutions and helped them develop their analysis. In addition, democracy is also important in building a team, as it does not refer to seniority but still respects to older people.


Have Mentors

Maya encouraged millennial to be able to find successful people and make them role models. Not only learn about what makes them successful but also learn from the mistakes they made before.

“Time is limited, we can not do it alone. Learning from others is one way to be successful. ”


Hone the Hard Skill and Soft Skill

The challenge facing millennial generation now is the fact that technology is getting more sophisticated; so many jobs are replaced by robots or machines. Job competition is also higher because of the internet that allows everyone to apply online. For that, Maya suggested that millennial can hone hard and soft skills to know what their uniqueness is and can distinguish them from other millennial generation.


Prove Your Maturity and Mentality at Work

For Maya, the level of maturity and mentality of a worker can be seen from how long the person works in a company.

“Ideally three years. The first year, you learn. The second year, you begin to contribute and achieve. In the third year, you maintain your performance.”


Build Your Persona and Legacy

Maya explained that in working in a company, we also must be able to make achievements that can be inherited to the company. For example, creating programs that address company issues, developing effective strategies for a project, and so on.


Beware of Technological Threats for Millennial Generation

Growing and evolving in the digital age makes it easy for millennial to do various activities. However, this practicality can also be a boomerang for the millennial generation if they are not able to control it.

Source: Lazy Money Making

According to Maya, the millennial generation is often difficult to distinguish which information is credible, valid or hoax. Finally, when they are unable to filter information, everything is considered easy and instant. This inhibits their potential to be leaders who think critically and responsibly in providing information.


Rise from the Failure

Failure has become part of the journey to success. Maya also told the participants of the seminar that she also often experience failure. However, the key is to be ready to rise again and learn from mistakes.

“Never think that success in career or life can be achieved through a short time. There is no shortcut to success. It’s true that successful people need integrity, commitment and hard work,” she concluded.

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