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28 March 2018
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Dear Millennials, These are The Tips to Success in Career and Being a Leader
2 April 2018

Realize Your Great Education and Career at the World Top 250 Education Expo 2018

education expo

World Top 250 Prestigious Universities Education Expo 2018. Photo: SUN

SUN Education Group presented the first educational exhibition in Indonesia with the 3 in 1 concept. Titled “World Top 250 Prestigious Universities Education Expo 2018”, this event took place at Le Meridien Hotel, Jakarta on Sunday, March 25, 2018.

The 3 in 1 concept consisted of education expo, career-focused seminars and job fair in a single event. Through this event, SUN Education wants to help to prepare those who want to achieve a brilliant education and career.

“This event exists because we want to provide a complete solution for prospective students to be more confident in determining the choice of education and career in the future,” said SUN Education Group CEO Fredy Subrata.

education expo 2018

SUN Education Group CEO Fredy Subrata opens the “Dream Big, Make It” campaign and educational exhibition. Photo: SUN

In this education expo, visitors could meet and consult directly with representatives from 40 university partners from various countries such as United States, Australia, Netherlands, Canada, China, Indonesia, England, Ireland, Italy, Malaysia, New Zealand, Spain, Sweden, and Switzerland.

SUN also invited experienced speakers in their fields in career-related seminars such as Maya Arvini (Associate Director & Head of Office Leasing Gunung Sewu Group), Antonny Liem (CEO of Red Copy Media), Dr. Timothy Astandu (Graduate of University of Cambridge) and Intan Irani (World PPI Architect & Coordinator 2016-2017). Through this seminar, Fredy said that students and prospective students can gain insight as well as a reflection of their future careers.

In addition to the seminar, SUN Education in cooperation with TOP Career held a job fair by presenting several leading national and multinational companies. That way, overseas graduates also have the opportunity to find the right job opportunities.

Toward the opening of this event, SUN Education Group also launched its newest campaign titled “Dream Big, Make it”. The event was opened by showing inspirational video footages from people with various professions who also attended the exhibition such as Shalama Dowlam Fadila (Ballerina), Felicia Hwang (Runner Up 2 Miss International 2016), Caroline Theonardo (Fashion Designer) and Michael Arnoldy (Photographer).

From left to right, Harianto (COO), Kevin (CMO), Felicia Hwang, Shalama, Caroline, Michael, Fredy (CEO), Afan (Deputy Director) at WT 250 Prestigious Universities Education Expo 2018. Photo: SUN

With the launch of this inspirational event, Fredy also hopes that those who have a myriad of dreams can be motivated to achieve them.

“This campaign reminds all of us who have big dreams, and especially young people that realizing dreams is not easy and education is part of the journey. Start with a big dream, then fight to make it happen, “Fredy said enthusiastically.

education expo 2018

World Top 250 Prestigious Universities Education Expo 2018. Photo: SUN

World Top 250 Prestigious Universities Education Expo has been held SUN Education since 2012 by presenting universities that are ranked TOP 250 world based on QS World Universities Rankings and Times Higher Education World University Rankings every year. In 2012 also, SUN Education Group was awarded by Indonesian World Record Museum (MURI) as the first overseas education consultant agency to hold Top 250 World Ranking Universities Exhibition in Indonesia.

With the mission of becoming a leading and trusted dedication agency, SUN Education is committed to helping realize the dreams of those who wish to study abroad and get their best education through the complete SUN services, such as its slogan Total One Stop Solution for All Your Education Needs.


What Teachers Say About The Benefit of Studying Abroad

What are the benefits you can get when studying abroad? Here are some of the teachers’ expression who attended the World Top 250 Prestigious Universities Education Expo 2018:

“First, the advantage is in terms of prestige. After we graduate from university and return to our country, people will view you differently. Internally, people who study abroad are usually open-minded and understand more things. Then, of course, the ability of English increases,” said Kristhianto, Principal of SMA IPEKA Integrated School.

Kristhianto himself has taken his master’s study in America in the field of Educational Administration. By studying the major, he gained wide insight into new strategies and can develop the ability to help him in the workplace.

Syarif, an English teacher at SMAN 19 Jakarta also shared his valuable experience when he went to school in Istanbul.

“My experience was so fun. I could meet people from many different nations. I learned about their culture, history, and course subjects as well.”

Not only that, a counseling teacher in High Scope High School, Dian, also added that students who study abroad will be independent by itself.

“Because when students study abroad, it is impossible for parents to stay with their children throughout the study period, and students must learn independently and be able to take care of the small things of their own personal needs.”

To be able to study abroad, students must also have a good preparation. Kristhianto shared a few tips for those who want to study abroad.

“The first thing to prepare is the motivation, then the student portfolio such as grades, English skills, supportive activities and students should have advisers from schools or agencies such as SUN Education so that they are more directed towards the goals of their studies.”

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