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University of Hertfordshire: Producing Ready-to-Work Graduates

Lulusan Siap Kerja

University of Hertfordshire: Producing Ready-to-Work Graduates

The university is on the list of the top 50 UK universities with its ready-to-work graduates.


Aware of the Business Industry

Based on the Hertfordshire website, 96.5% of its graduates are already working or continuing higher studies within six months of graduation. It is noted that one of Hertfordshire alumni became part of the team to control the Wind Turbine Addenbrookes Hospital Cambridge, which is a world-renowned teaching hospital and research center. In addition, in the Formula 1 UK event, there must be a Hertfordshire graduate involved in the team.

University of Herdfortshire. Source: university.which.co.uk

A number of achievements are not spared from the focus of business-centered teaching universities. The university, built in 1952, is committed to honing the skills of students through business-facing and business-minded teaching methods. This is a teaching method that maximizes the potential of students in starting a business or competing in the work industry. The material taught also gets direct approval from business and professional institutions.

In applying the concept, Hertfordshire involves teachers who are experts in their respective fields. One of them is Gwilym Morris, an expert in Visual Effects and Computer Animation who also works in Ant-Man movie (2015), Annihilation (2018) and King Kong (2005).


Innovative Project

According to make graduates be ready for work, the teachers also actively involve students to work on real projects. As a result, students can practice science learned during college. For example, Hertfordshire Business School has tested an innovative project titled “Business Marketing at UH Award”.

Ready-to-Work Graduates

Hertfordshire students are engaged to work on “real projects” to get ready-to-work graduates. Source: Theunipod

It is the project of gathering a number of local Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs) working with academia and students, with the aim of developing a specific strategic marketing plan. Some big companies like Superbrands, Niru, Ceylon Pride, Hot Monkey Design, Hardsoft, and Supreme Being Clothing benefited from the project.

In addition to business, some Visual Effect students have contributed to popular animated films such as Hitchhiker’s Guide to Galaxy, Batman Begins, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Clash of the Titans 2, X Men and Captain America.


Work Placement

Hertfordshire also maximizes students’ appeals when they graduate through overseas job placement and study programs. For an internship program, students can live in the summer for 6 months or more with help from campus. As for the study abroad program, students have the opportunity to study at one of Hertfordshire’s many partner universities abroad.

Hertfordshire is ranked top in the Government’s Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF) 2018. The award is given based on the category of assessment that includes: the quality of work-based learning, entrepreneurship, and work skills that are easily applied to the world of work.

Hertfordshire achieved the top gold rank in Government’s Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF) 2018. Source: University of Herdfortshire

This campus not only produces graduates who are ready to compete in the world of work. Some of its alumni also made a number of proud achievements. In art and design, Hertfordshire produces popular writer and comedian Helen Lederer and a well-renowned jeweler Alyssa Smith.

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