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Skill Exploration in IT and Online Media Through Murdoch University Workshop

Skill Exploration in IT and Online Media Through Murdoch University Workshop

Skill exploration in IT and Online Media. The rapid advancement of the IT industry and online media is now signaling career prospects in both industries are promising. There is a need for hands-on experience for those who want to be involved in the industry, as presented through the workshop ‘Communications, Media & Screen Production’.

This workshop was held by Murdoch University, Perth-one of Australia’s best universities- and SUN Education on Saturday (9/12/17) at the hotel in Central Jakarta, to explore the flexibility of virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) gaming technology in various industries and how online communication forms the future career.

Through VR-and-AR-based games, Associate Professor in Computer Science from Murdoch University, Hamid Laga explained that the technology can be utilized in various sciences, one of them is health sciences. For example is Neuromender project, that is VR rehabilitation program computer-based that made by some students of Murdoch School of Engineering and Information Technology and has worked together with doctors from West Australian Neuroscience Research Institute (WANRI).

Skill exploration in IT

Associate Professor Murdoch University Hamid Laga presented his explanation about IT skill for the workshop participants. Photo / Doc. SUN


The game is designed with simple graphics to help the recovery of stroke sufferers through a multi-sensory simulation environment that allows them to “move” in unlimited distances. Remarkably, the patients there continue to be motivated and supervised by medical professionals to complete each stage of rehabilitation.


Neuromender graphic design game. Photo/Doc. Media Murdoch

Reflecting on the project, Hamid said that in making the design of games software should be designed interesting and as needed. “Ask the users, what they need and require.” Just as the Neuromender is made as simple as possible so that the stroke patients feel comfortable.

In addition to the above, the design team of games software must consist of people who have expertise in managing business information system, preparing an easy access to data and devices, building data protection system, as well as analyzing data. The discipline of technology information science at Murdoch University helps students acquire the necessary skills and knowledge.

From the description of the Neuromender project, Hamid invited the participants to re-exploration skills in the IT field by creating a similar program concept. They were also invited to try out various VR games that were tried enthusiastically by 21 high school and university students who attended.

In addition, from this training, the participants also learned about online communication strategies through creative writing, photos, videos and so forth. In practice, participants were invited to conceptualize campaigns in social media for a global brand. It was so exciting! (SJV)



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