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5 Things You Must do When You First Arrive in Melbourne

5 Things You Must Do When You Arrive in Melbourne

Figure 2: Melbourne. Source: rydges.com

5 Things You Must Do When You Arrive in Melbourne

Here there are 5 Things You Must Do When You Arrive in Melbourne

1. Finding the perfect accommodation

It is extremely important that students find a comfortable and convenient place to stay because students will spend most of the studying period living in that apartment. There are certain things one needs to see when buying or renting out an apartment.

– The number of tenant’s living in the space – if it is a 1 bedroom and a 2 bedroom apartment.
– How far the accommodation is from place of study (University/College etc)?
– And if the apartment fits the bill – for instance; the rent, the location, the vicinity areas/neighborhoods, safety and security (These vary from person to person).

Here are a few links that provide most of the information about the availability of apartments:


2. Choosing the right bank

There are many prominent banks in Melbourne as such:

– Commonwealth Bank,
– ANZ Bank,
– NAB Bank,
– Bank of Melbourne and many more,

The services provided by these banks are similar and trustworthy. This makes choosing the right bank for students easier. The main thing that students need to take into consideration is:

– The location of the banks; is a branch of the bank located near your residential accommodation and is a bank or ATM located near the premises of your University/College, for easy access?

3. Setting up health benefits (insurance)

Living in another country comes with a lot of uncertainty and that is why it is highly important for students to have proper health insurances. Usually the Universities/College have direct connections with companies holding health covers making it easier for newer students.

4. Understanding the Transportation System in Melbourne

The main public transport medium in Melbourne are the;

– Trams/Buses – they are quite frequent and have stops at various locations all over the inner city of Melbourne. It is convenient if students need to travel around the city and the inner suburbs.
– Trains – there are train station at significant locations in Melbourne, making it easier for people to access them. The trains are regular and act as fast transport systems if going towards the outer suburbs.
– Cabs – There are several cab-stands around the city for students to make use of. Do note that taking cabs is a more costly means of transport than the above.

5. Knowing your surroundings

It is essential that students know their surroundings and the neighborhood they live in. In time of emergencies, know the locations of the closest:

– Hospital,
– Post office and
– Police station
– Emergency number : 000

Students coming in from all over the world need to take these pointers into consideration to make their settling period in Melbourne as smooth as possible.


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