Bachelor in Cell and Molecular Biology in Glasgow Caledonian University
Bachelor in Cell and Molecular Biology in Glasgow Caledonian University
21 January 2016
Make The Most of Studying Abroad
Make The Most of Studying Abroad
22 January 2016

8 Effective Ways to Beat Stress in University

8 Effective Ways to Beat Stress in University

8 Effective Ways to Beat Stress in University

8 Effective Ways to Beat Stress in University. A survey by the Nightline Association in 2013 found that 65% of university students feel stressed. Working too hard and worrying too much on your grades can lead to desperation. The good news is living a free-stress life is possible.

There are some easy ways to beat stress effectively during university time:

  1. Gaya Hidup-Atasi Stres - Makan sehat 1A varied and healthy diet

Eating lots of fruit and fresh ingredients is really important. Juices that are filled with vitamin C, such as grapefruit or orange juice, are good for your immune system so can help with stress.

  1. Exercise

Your body will produce endorphins when you’re exercising, which make you feel good. Joining a sport club in the university could also reduce stress as the regular contact with other people should help improve your mood. Try yoga or Zumba classes, they’re fun and help relaxing your mind.

  1. Meditation

Sitting quietly for, let’s say, 10 minutes a day can really help reducing stress levels. Good breathing techniques can calm you down because it will send oxygen through your bloodstream easily, helping you to calm down and beat the stress.

  1. Take breaks regularly

Put on your loose t-shirt, spend hours watching Netflix and keep any thoughts of university away for tomorrow. Having a break for a day will allow you to think lots of things without any distraction.

  1. Focus college students preparing for exams at cafe

    Sleep (and sign off all social media)

Sleep is always a great cure. Taking short naps are effective to help you improve productivity. There’s no point to force yourself to read when you could not concentrate any longer. Try to sign off from any social media when you’re resting.

  1. Change your work environment

Do you feel tired of the library? Bored with the university view? Is your usual study spot in the park too noisy? Pack your laptop, get on a bus and find a cozy coffee shop to settle in.


People say that laughter is the best medicine. By laughing out loud, it increases oxygen and blood flow which consequentially reduces stress. So, watch a comedy series, hang out with good friends or do something that makes you happy.

8. Treat yourself after a deadline

Facing deadline after deadline can feel so stressing, especially when there are so many things to do for so little time. Giving yourself a reward after finishing a tough assignment is a great way to feel appreciated by you. It doesn’t have to be expensive; a box of chocolates or even a new haircut will do the job!

Not taking life too seriously can help you live a better and easier life. Make time for yourself and take breaks. It’s about time that you accept that you can achieve just as much in university without all the stress.


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