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31 May 2017
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1 June 2017

Easy Steps of Fasting During the 19 hours in the UK

Easy Steps of Fasting During the 19 hours in the UK

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Easy Steps of Fasting During the 19 hours in the UK

Easy Steps of Fasting During the 19 hours in the UK. Fasting in European countries does take longer than fasting time in Indonesia. This is because the time of dawn and fasting depends on the rising and setting of the sun, while the European country itself is located in the northern hemisphere that receives longer sunlight. One of them as in the UK, a country that even dubbed the Country of the Sun that Never Drown.

The reason, it takes about 19 hours to fast in the UK. If you look at the numbers, is it difficult to fast in the UK? Take it easy! If you know the good fasting tips, fasting with long span of time can be done well. Let’s see the following fasting tips!

  1. Know the Schedule of Fast-Breaking and Prayer

Fast-breaking and prayer schedule is important to know during fasting Ramadan / Source: Daily Mirror

Related to the fast-breaking schedule, based on the London schedule listed on Muslimpro.com for around the end of May 2017, the maghrib prayer time is around 21.06 local time and the morning prayer schedule is around 2.58 local time (time can change every day). To know more about the prayer schedule according to the date and location of each city in the UK, you can visit Muslimpro site or the similar site.

  1. Know Weather and Seasons

In order for the activities during fasting to go smoothly, you need to adjust yourself to the weather and season in the UK. At the end of this May to June, you will fast for a few days in the spring and continue into the summer. According to data from foreignstudents.com, spring in the UK is quite wet and windy with an average temperature of 9 degrees Celsius to 15 degrees Celsius. Meanwhile, summer in the UK, the average temperature of 18 degrees Celsius to 20 degrees Celsius. Do not forget to wear casual clothes and always apply sunblock when on the move. For updated info about the weather each day, you can visit the site www.bbc.com/weather.

  1. Set the Diet

To be able to survive for 19 hours, you must be careful in managing your diet and choose the right fast-breaking menu, especially for suhur. Foods chosen for suhur should be able to ‘fill’ the body’s energy for many hours, as well as easily digested, such as potatoes, wheat cereal, barley, apricots, green beans, and others. As for iftar, choose a menu that can refresh the body, like a fruit juice. The important thing when breaking the fast is to eat enough and not excessive. And, avoid breaking the fast with foods that make the body unhealthy, like fried foods, fatty foods, foods with highly sugar and salt, fast food, and caffeinated beverages.

Examples of foods with complex carbohydrates and unhealthy foods for the body / Source: Web Health

In addition, make sure the body fluids are met. The trick is drink with a minimum of eight glasses of water per day (eg one open, two at dinner, three before and after tarawih, one before suhur, one after suhur).

  1. Organize Your Activity and Rest Enough

In addition to adjusting your diet, you also need to plan your daily activities during the fasting month. Your daily routine may be inevitable, as do work, study, and more. However, if possible, reduce less important activities and drain too much energy so you can keep your health fast for 30 days. One more, set the time to get enough rest during spare time on the sidelines of the activities and schedule of five prayer times, because while in the UK, you only have a little night time, which is about less than six hours.

  1. Take the Time Well

Length of fasting for 19 Hours will quickly pass if you can take the time well. For example, instead of spending time waiting for the hour of fasting, it is better to have daily activities well. For example, work, college, read books, and so forth.

Well, if you have a lot of free time and do not know what to do, you can join the Indonesia Islamic Center (IIC) London. IIC is working with KBRI and Muslim communities in London to fill Ramadan with various useful activities, one of which is like a quick pesantren. This activity is certainly useful for you to get together with fellow Muslims to get closer to God.

  1. Know The Culture

UK is a tolerant country among religion / Source: The Platform


In the UK, generally, the government and its citizens keep the religious tolerance, including during fasting in the month of Ramadan. As British Ambassador to Indonesia Moazzam Malik disclosed, quoted from Republika.co.id (26/5/2017), that the atmosphere of Ramadan in the country is very good. For example, in the big cities where there are many Muslims, there are many mosques, so Muslims can enjoy the holy fasting month. In addition, it is said that all parties such as politicians and religious leaders unite to keep the tolerance, racial diversity and religion and open culture in UK. (SJV)

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