Halal Restaurant Near Newcastle UK Campus
Halal Restaurant Near Newcastle UK Campus
23 May 2017
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Mastering Information Technology with University of Waikato
24 May 2017

Fasting for 19 Hours in Ireland? To Get Ready, Read These Tips First!

Fasting for 19 Hours in Ireland

Potret Negara Irlandia / Sumber: BBC

Fasting for 19 Hours in Ireland? To Get Ready, Read These Tips First!

Fasting for 19 Hours in Ireland? To Get Ready, Read These Tips First!.Living the first fast during the month of Ramadan in European countries that have a long fasting time may be difficult, just like in Ireland. In this emerald country, the fasting month in Ramadan is about 18 to 19 hours. Of course, it must take a good preparation to be able to fast smoothly.

So, what are the preparations? Check these tips out!

  1. Have a Strong Will

When fasting in Ireland, first of all, you have to stick your intention to fast. It’s because in Ireland itself when fasting around 19 hours, where the sun rises at 5 am, sets at about 10 pm. It may be difficult to adapt initially. As the proverb says, “Where there is will, there is a way.”

  1. Know The Maghrib and Dawn Prayer Time

Dublin Muslims at prayers to celebrate Eid al Adha / Source: Irish Central

Associated with the fast breaking time, you also need to know the hours of maghrib and dawn prayer. Based on the schedule in Dublin, Ireland, listed on Muslimpro.com, around the end of May, the maghrib prayer time in Ireland starts at around 22:40 local time, while the dawn prayer time starts at around 3:26 pm (every minute Can change).

  1. Adjust the Diet

The first fast in Ireland could be hard. Therefore, in addition to having a strong intention, you also need a good preparation in managing your diet. Because fasting for a long time, automatically you also need to “reserve” more for the body in order to survive. For that, consider the balanced nutrition menu, namely carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins and minerals. For example, in Indonesia, the main food is rice, so in Ireland you can change it with bread, potatoes, and others. Also, drink a plenty of water when breaking the fast at dawn and maghrib to fill the lost body fluids.

  1. Know The Weather

Because fasting falls on May 27 later, then you will feel the fast in the summer. Despite the summer, temperatures in Ireland are not too hot with an average temperature of 30 degrees Celsius. With weather conditions like this, maybe you will not feel too dehydrated. However, to minimize the thirst, quoted from detik.com (18/05/2017), as suggested by Retno Pangastuti, DCN, M.Kes., you should not eat foods containing high natrium (such as soy sauce, table salt, and others), because it can trigger the thirst.

  1. Know The Culture

In Ireland, Islam became a minority religion with 1,1 percent of a total of 4,5 million people. However, efforts to increase religious tolerance continue to be done from a number of parties, such as Irish Muslim Peace & Integration Council. This institution often increases togetherness with fellow citizens both with Muslims and non-Muslim. For example, by holding an iftar international event. You can also try to take care each other and improve togetherness with existing colleagues, such as help each other and share with others in need.

In the month of Ramadan, Muslims here will also be actively engaged in spiritual activities. Just like in Indonesia, Ramadan activities here will be filled with a number of spiritual activities, such as quick boarding, breaking fast together, tarawih prayers and some other night worship activities.

  1. Gather Together At International Iftar Event

During fasting in Ireland, you should participate in the event organized by the Islamic Center in Cork that offers meals with fellow Muslims and non-Muslims from across the world in Ireland.

Community Iftar In Cork Muslim Foundation Mosque / Source: IMPIC

Here, after 19 hours of fasting, you will feel a moment of togetherness with many people from different backgrounds, cultures, and religions, to enjoy a meal together, such as from Germany, Arabia, Nigeria, and others. This becomes an opportunity for you to share and connect to the people around you. (SJV)


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