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Jesslyn Wijaya and Her Determination to Win A Scholarship

Jesslyn Wijaya and Her Determination to Win A Scholarship

Jesslyn Wijaya and her determination to win a scholarship. “All possibilities and chances in life can not be underestimated,” said Jesslyn Wijaya, a KC Kuok full scholarship receiver at Monash University for the Economics and Econometrics Business degree program.

The girl born in Medan, 8 Agustus 1999, successfully became one of two scholarship receivers funded by Beau Kok, the famous alumnus of Monash University who become Kuok Group Senior Executive. Previously, Jesslyn was accepted in three overseas universities, but the offers were rejected due to financial limitations. But, she didn’t give up and kept finding a scholarship for her study.

To Win A Scholarship

Jesslyn Wijaya. Photo/Dok. SUN

After knowing the information about KC Kuok Scholarship from her teacher, she used SUN Education service to assist the entire registration process. Although she wasn’t sure enough due to the previous scholarship offer was only for one scholarship receiver in South East Asia, she still believed in all possibilities.

Her determination led her through stage-by-stage of selection process till finally she was declared accepted. The scholarship includes tuition fee until she graduated, living expenses, accommodation, flights, visa study, and health care. To get the scholarship to study at one of the best Australian universities is surely a great blessing of God that she is always thankful for.

Through the major she took, she wants to study more about the world economy. After that, she will seek work experiences first in several companies. From there, she dreams to make Indonesian economy grow from various aspects.

Jesslyn Wijaya meraih beasiswa 2

Jesslyn Wijaya and her family. Photo/Doc. SUN

“I know that my dream is a bit out of my league because I’m just an ordinary Indonesian girl. I don’t have many networks with government people. My goal is gonna lead me to the rough and bumpy road, but I hope everything is gonna be okay as long as someone has perseverance and determination.”

While waiting for the semester intake in February 2018, Jesslyn is teaching Math, Physic, Chemistry, and English for High School students. She is also broadening her insights in economics, English, and Mandarin language for her study later.

Successfully reached her dream to get a higher education, Jesslyn was grateful to SUN Education for the assistance.

“I am very grateful to SUN Education, because the people are not only really welcoming, but trusted. The service didn’t charge a penny, all registration requirements sent before the deadline, also SUN provided useful suggestion and information, ” she said. (SJV)

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