• As a sixteen-year-old student previously enrolled in the International Baccalaureate program, the admission process for moving to college in Singapore is slightly different than if I were enrolled in another program, such as Cambridge 'O' Level. Fortunately, the problem was quickly resolved and I was able to enroll in college and be accepted quickly. SUN Education explained all the college requirements that I wish to apply and help me very thoroughly. SUN Education managed all the necessary documents and also helped me in my student visa application. The service is fast and reliable, and I would definitely recommend SUN Education for anyone planning to transfer school.Former School: Dian Harapan SchoolMajor: Bachelor of Fashion DesignInstitution: Raffles Design Institute
  • SUN Education helped me to find campus references and make it easier to take documents to the university.Former School: Trisakti UniversityMajor: Master of International BusinessInstitution: Curtin Singapore
  • I have heard SUN Education before from my family and friends and they said that the service provided was really nice and helpful. It really helped me a lot to study to New Zealand with fast service and response and really nice people. Special thanks to the counselors who helped me finish my requirements and documentation for my master degree.Former School : Universitas TarumanegaraMajor                 : Master of AccountingInstitution        : University of Waikato
  • My experience with SUN Education is great. I believe SUN Education is the first agent I choose because it has excellent background and performance. SUN Education and its counselors are very agile and help 100% the needs and conditions required by the intended university. SUN Education greatly speeds up the process of everything.Former School: SMA Bogor RayaMajor: Diploma of Business (Part 2)Institution: Monash University
  • SUN Education is very helpful when providing information and university options that I am interested in. The university and visa application process are quick and easy.Former School: STP BandungMajor: Master of Personal AccountingInstitution: Central Queensland University
  • The first time I wanted to go to college for the master program, the information is still very minimal. Once I joined the SUN Education expo, I got a lot of information from the counselor. As soon as I enrolled for college and received a scholarship to university, there were some problems, but again SUN Education always patiently provide the best solution for the overseas study plan. FOR ME, SUN IS THE BEST SOLUTION EDUCATION PLANNER FOR FUTURE.Former School: Bakrie UniversityMajor: Master of International BusinessInstitution: University of Auckland
  • It was a great experience overall, completely hassle-free. From university application to visa, I was guided through the entire process. Seeing my friends buried in paperwork confused me as I had no such experience! I definitely would recommend any student to use SUN Education to apply to uni!Former School : Gandhi Memorial Intercontinental SchoolMajor                 : Bachelor of Business and CommerceInstitution        : Monash Malaysia
  • Since I took the Bachelor program, I have used the services of SUN and the experience is always satisfactory. Counselors can provide solutions to every question and need. In addition, the response is also fast and can recommend the desired study.Former School: Curtin UniversityInstitution: INTO NCUK
  • My experience with SUN Education has exceeded my expectations. The staff has been very helpful in making sure I am prepared to enroll in my desired university. I am very pleased with their great cooperation.Former School : IPEKA Integrated Christian SchoolMajor                 : Bachelor of Fine Arts Fashion MerchandisingInstitution        : Academy of Art University
  • Good. I felt greatly helped by the timely processing of the documents so I could go to school as planned. We thank you very much for the assistance of SUN Education.Former School: SMA Unity BogorMajor: Diploma of PattiserieInstitution: Le Cordon Bleu Australia
  • SUN Education provides insight and counseling in various aspects of higher education. Starting from registration, acceptance, to the making of visas all of which facilitate us in achieving what we want for our future.Former School : Universitas IndonesiaMajoring            : Master of Business Information SystemsInstitution          : Monash University
  • From the beginning I wanted to continue my studies in China, I was immediately interested to find info through SUN Education. From A-Z, everything is helped and explained in detail. Yeay! Thank you, SUN Education.Former School: Universitas IndonesiaMajor:Institution: Les Roches Jin Jiang
  • Very informative, responsive, helpful, especially when related to the administration for college registration up to college departure.Former School: Universitas IndonesiaMajor: Master of LawInstitution: University of Auckland
  • Dimudahkan dalam segi dokumen-dokumen yang berhubungan dengan sekolah. Memberikan penjelasan yang jelas kepada student atau pihak orangtua. Mudah dihubungi.Former School : Sekolah Dian HarapanInstitution        : Raffles Design Institute
  • At the beginning of the process, I entered the SIM, there are many things I thought I couldn't handle by myself. After that, the representative of the institution in Indonesia offers SUN Education services that help me from IELTS ™ test to apply the other documents.Former School : SMA Al Azhar BSDMajor                 : Bachelor of International BusinessInstitution         : Singapore Institute of Management
  • SUN Education is very helpful in taking care of my college arrangement, as well as preparation of IELTS to the end. In addition to college arrangement, SUN has also helped me in finding accommodation, so it will not be as difficult if I do it myself.Former School  : SMA Santa LaurensiaMajor                  :  Bachelor of Actuarial StudiesInstitution         :  Macquarie University
  • SUN Education is quite responsive and good at providing information. Also, it is quite responsible for assisting students who want to go to college abroad. Especially for me, despite many visa problems in visa processing, the counselor still want to help and monitoring, so I successfully went to university.Former School : Institut Teknologi BandungMajor                 : Foundation Cert. in EngineeringInstitution         : University of Glasgow
  • Thank you very much for the help and explanation from SUN Education. The explanation is complete and very helpful. The consultant is really friendly! This is the true one-stop solution for your future education.Former School  : SMA Santa LaurensiaMajor                  : Bachelor of Actuarial ScienceInstitution          : University Of Waterloo
  • As a sixteen-year-old student that was previously enrolled in the International Baccalaureate program, the application process to transfer to a college in Singapore is slightly different than If I had been enrolled in other programs, such as the Cambridge 'O' Level. This was quickly resolved and I was able to apply to college and was soon accepted. SUN Education explained a rundown of all the requirements of the college I wanted to apply to and helped me with my college application very thoroughly. They arranged all of the necessary documents and also assisted me in my student visa application. They are quick and reliable, and I would definitely recommend SUN Education for anyone who is planning on transferring schools.Former School : Sekolah Dian HarapanMajor                 : Bachelor of Fashion DesignInstitution         : Raffles Design Institute
  • The staffs are very helpful, prompt with our needs and they made the process become very easy. They will help us in everything. We just need to give the documents.Former School  : Monash UniversityMajor                  : MSc Project ManagementInstitution          : XJTLU
  • SUN Education has made my application process to university a lot easier. The agency has helped me through the difficulties and complications I faced along the way. SUN has been very professional. Thus, I would definitely recommend SUN Education to students looking to study abroad.Former School : SMAK 8 PenaburMajor                 : BSc International Economics and TradeInstitution        : The University of Nottingham China
  • The overall service of SUN Education in assisting my admission process to XJTLU is very satisfactory. I am grateful to have chosen SUN as my consulting agent. Thank you!Former School : SMAK 4 PenaburMajor                 : 'BSc in AccountingInstitution         : 'XJTLU
  • SUN Education provides excellent service. The IELTS ™ course is excellent and provides convenient facilities.Former School : SMA Saint PiterMajor                 : DBA In Accounting and FinanceInstitution         : PSB Academy
  • The services provided by SUN Education are excellent: friendly and responsive. SUN Education also fully understands the situation and conditions that I face. Highly recommended. Thank you very much for your help and cooperation.Former School : Universitas Pelita HarapanMajor                 : Master of Philosophy - ResearchInstitution        : University of Western Australia
  • To begin with, my decision to study abroad was made only few months before the new intake. I was a bit worried that I wouldn’t be able to make it to the university this year. But then I came to SUN Education and it was really helpful for me. They arranged the documents and other requirements so that finally I managed to get here on time and begin my study here in Malaysia.
    Josephine Cynthia Halim
  • SUN Education Group helped me a lot when I applied to a university in America. I had good time guided by this education consultant to complete my application process. And finally I have been able to study in USA with help of SUN Education. Thank you so much, SUN Education Group!
    Tatok Damar
  • It has been a great experience using SUN Education Group's services. They have accompanied me everyday and give me so many meaningful informations. Without SUN Education Group, I will not be able to go to UK to continue my study. Thanks a lot!
    Elbert Widjaja

Thomas Clarckson

CEO and Founder

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