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Testimony from Mr. Rury Suryadi

Pak Rury Ibu Ruby-ortu Dustin Andrew Suryadi

SUN Education Testimonials from Rury Suryadi

The study abroad enrolment process usually gives headaches to parents. This also happened to us who did not really understand how to apply for undergraduate level in the UK for our children after graduating high school.

We came to SUN Education Senayan branch and felt very helpful by the team there, especially Kartika and Nana. They provided information about registration and the overall process for direct entry undergraduate programs in a professional, quick, and thorough manner. Thanks to the help of the team at SUN Education Senayan, finally our son, Dustin Suryadi, successfully got accepted at King’s College London.

Not stopping there, the SUN Education team also helped us to get the student visa and family visa done carefully and on time. We could go as planned without any constraints.

Throughout the services by SUN Education, we feel a comfortable and good relationship with the team there. They listened to our seemingly endless questions and were very patient with providing answers and information. For parents and individuals interested in continuing their education abroad, we highly recommend SUN Education as an education consultant for you.

Rury and Ruby Suryadi (parents of Dustin Andrew Suryadi)

BA European Politics at King’s College London, United Kingdom

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