14 April 2021

Promo KEJAR (Kejutan Ramadhan) SUN English 13 April 2021 – 13 Mei 2021

Promo KEJAR Kejutan Ramadhan dari SUN ENGLISH Kejar DISKON SPESIAL hingga 50% untuk Kursus IELTS / TOEFL / SAT […]
18 December 2018
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Les Roches-Global Hospitality Education

With campuses in Switzerland, Spain and China, Les Roches is an international school for a global industry. The unique […]
29 November 2018
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5 Important Facts About Actuary Profession

5 Important Facts About Actuary Profession Have you ever heard of the actuary profession? In short, an actuary is […]
29 November 2018

Fika Julia: Diligently Working in the Field of Textile Design

Fika Julia is quite successful in starting her works in the field of textile design. Upon her graduation from […]
6 November 2018

Let’s Study Political Science!

Let’s Study Political Science! – If you’ve just graduated but still feel clueless on choosing a subject, think about political […]