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22 January 2018
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8 Most Common Topics IELTS™ Speaking Part 2

8 Most Common Topics IELTS Speaking Part 2. In the IELTS™ speaking test session, you are asked to explain something common and global. You will be asked directly by the native within two minutes. Before speaking, you have one minute to take a note of what you want to say. An important assessment emphasized is your fluency in speaking English and your coherence in discussing topics.

This means you need to have a sufficient idea of what you want to tell the examiner. Summarized by Ms. Putu from SUN English at a seminar titled “8 Most Common Topics IELTS Speaking Part 2” at Australia New Zealand Education Expo 2018, here are eight common topics that are often discussed on IELTS™:

Most Common Topics IELTS Speaking Part 2

Ms. Putu SUN English explained 8 Most Common Topics IELTS Speaking Part 2. Photo/Doc. SUN


On this topic, you can talk about an older person you admire. You can tell who the person is, how long have you known him/her, what quality he/she has, and state the reasons why you admire him/her.

The second example, you can discuss someone who can speak two languages. Tell the native who the person is, the language he masters, and why he can master more than one language. You can name your favorite actors, sportsmen, or the most influential teacher.



The next topic is the place you have visited. Describe place, when did you visit them, why you went there, and whether you enjoyed the trip or not.

Ms. Putu further explained that you may have a negative impression on a certain place, as long as the reason given appropriate to the topic.

For example, you can describe the restaurant you know. Mention where the restaurant, the menu, the route to reach the restaurant and the reason you recommend that restaurant.



The third topic is experience. You can tell about your experience joining an activity in your country, such as music event. Tell about what event is it, where is it, what is the type of music concert, and explain why you enjoyed the experience. Never been to a music event at all? Makeup stories!

“If you’ve never been to any event, just makeup stories! This is permitted because testers will never check if the answer is correct or not, “said Ms. Putu assured the participants of the seminar.

The second example, you can talk about the moment you try a new dish and explain whether you enjoy the dish or not.



This topic is a bit difficult because it is rarely discussed. But, you can express your feelings when you forgot something. Tell what and why you forgot, and then what you did afterward. In fact, you can also explain your feelings when experiencing disagreement.



You can explain the activities you often do. For example, explain about websites you visit frequently. Mention what site it is, how often you visit the site, how you knew about the site, and why you visit the site so often. It is important to provide a unique example, do not give a general answer.


Preferences (Preferences)

Speaking of preference, you can describe a movie or song you like. Describe the genre, the popularity, and so on.



You can explain the important thing you own. Describe how long you have it, what it is used for, and why it matters to you.

In addition, you can explain about public transportation in your country. Raise important points such as the type of transportation, how frequent you take the transportation, and explain why you choose to use the transportation.



Ideas can be anything. You can explain about something you use to save money. Explain how it can help you save money, how to use it, and more.

You can also discuss your perfect vacation. Explain where it will be, who you are going to go with, and why you want to go there.

That is 8 Most Common Topics IELTS Speaking Part 2. To get more information on IELTS™ preparation course, you may contact SUN English via phone (021) 45855238 (SJV)

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