SUN English is the right place for you to improve your English and to take the preparation for the IELTS™ and TOEFL® International Test.You will get a different learning experience by joining SUN English with varied and up-to-date programs that are adjustable according to your needs and budget.


Course programs in SUN English are designed as short and intensive preparation programs where participants have to go through pretty tight skill-forming process and strategy, exercises / tests, tutorials, discussions, additional exercises, and feedback sessions, which will ensure an improved score of each participant. Our team of academic and teachers will provide adequate facilities, introduction of the test materials, suggestions and recommendations, as well as direct experience needed by students to face the actual test..

Currently, SUN English has Specialization Program for preparation of IELTS™ or TOEFL®iBT and TOEFL®PBT International Test. In addition, there are several other programs that have already been developed, namely: Academic Writing, Business English (e-mailing, presenting, negotiating, telephoning, socializing, meeting), English for Specific Purpose and General English. They are available to meet your needs. SUN English also provides English language training programs for companies, “In-Company Training” as well as Intracurricular and Extracurricular programs that are to be held in junior high school or senior high school.



The initial step before you follow our learning programs is to undergo a Placement Test or IELTS™ / TOEFL® Prediction Test. Through these tests we can determine the placement level before entering the test preparation program and determine the materials needed. From the results of our test, these predictions also will design a program to suit your needs and abilities and help you get the expected target score so that you can be accepted in schools or universities overseas.


SUN English opens two (2) types of classes: Private (1-2 pax) and Semi Private (4-6 pax). Class with a few number of pupils and intensive learning program will give good results. Why? Because teachers can easily identify the weaknesses and strengths of the students in the classroom. In addition, the students will get more attention and time during the learning process, easier to concentrate on any of the materials provided, and have the opportunity to interact more that will affect the learning process to be more effective.


One of the compelling reasons you should join SUN English, because there is a GUARANTEE on an increase of MINIMUM one (1) point on the IELTS™ International Test and 10 points in TOEFL®iBT of placement test score given to our students. As you look at the back cover page of the book there is a list of names of the students who have joined SUN English with a spectacular achievement, i.e. the increase in score of more than one (1) point. This target score can be achieved by each student on very easy condition. For example, with the cooperation between teachers and students in terms of increasing the score, the students do the exercises (practice) diligently which are conducted intensively before facing international test, and so on.


We have some learning centers in Jakarta in Kelapa Gading, Pluit, Tanjung Duren, Kebun Jeruk, Senayan Trade Center (STC), Pondok Indah, and Alam Sutera and major cities in Indonesia, namely Batam, Pekanbaru, Lampung, Semarang, Surabaya, Bali and Makassar. SUN English representative offices are in a strategic location and easily accessible. In 2016, we are expanding again by opening new branches, both in Jakarta and outside the city.


SUN Education Alam Sutera, Kebon Jeruk, Pluit and Kelapa Gading are the venues for the IELTS™ official test under the cooperation with IALF Jakarta. This is a reflection that our standards and facilities are adequate and approved as a reliable place to organize IELTS™ test.


SUN Education Pluit is the venue for the official TOEFL®iBT test, in collaboration with ITC Jakarta. SUN Education Pluit branch office has the standard and adequate facilities and designated officially as a reliable place to host the TOEFL®iBT test.

As one of our commitments to achieve students’ target score, we provide guidance in the form of a FREE practice test to our students who have completed a course in SUN English, while waiting for the International test schedule. This practice test can be provided out of learning program hours without restrictions (unlimited). Our teachers are professional and experienced to help you increase your confidence in the face of international test that must be taken one (1) month after the course ends.