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Not sure how you can reach the required Int’l English exam score?
or Still not sure which exam to take for your school admission or other purposes?

Trying to find a reliable course that offers you short yet effective programs at affordable price?
e.g. My test date is due in less than 2 months and I’m still not sure if I can pass/succeed?

Have taken the test many times and still fail and feel frustrated to get the favorable score?
e.g. My IELTS writing score is just 0.5 lower than the required band score

Only have a limited time to prepare for the exams / entrance test or your college course but still not confident about your Academic English skills?
e.g. My communication skills are OK, but I’m not used to write reports/essays or give a presentation in English? Will I be able to follow lectures in English?

Still busy studying (@year 10 – 11) or working full time but want to prepare your English skills to continue your study or find a better career?
and My mom / dad or boss keeps bugging me with questions and doubts about my English readiness

If you have these troubling questions and doubts DON’T waste your time, energy, and money – come and join our Programs at SUN English!!!

@SUN English, We’ll be glad to assist you to reach these goals and objectives.

We can guarantee you point score as well as skill improvement.

About SUN English

We are the English (Language) and Training Division of SUN Education Group. With more than 3 years of experience we proudly design and provide English programs which have been proven successful in assisting our client and customers to prepare their language skills in order to fulfill their academic or professional needs.
Our short-rigorous-intensive English programs will ensure your progress in language skills as well as test taking skills and strategies; so you can achieve the desirable score for your study, immigration/work purposes in convenient time.
Those of you who need to show certain score/certificate in order to meet the requirements for school admission or job/immigration. These candidates usually possess basic skills of English yet they still have weaknesses in certain aspects of the language (listening, reading, speaking, writing, even grammar and vocabulary).
You can come to every SUN Education/English office to get academic advices and try assessing your English proficiency by taking the Placement Tests, and we will guide you to choose the best program that suits your needs. Or call anytime to 021-4585 5238 (Hotline) to make enquiries about the int’l tests and our English programs.

Our Office

Jl. Boulevard Barat LC7 No. 17
Kelapa Gading
Jakarta Utara – Indonesia
Phone : +62 21 4585 5238 / +62 21 4635 0791
Flexi : +62 21 7098 2104

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