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Anintya Novitasari

Newcastle University Testimonials

Newcastle University Testimonials

Newcastle University Testimonials from Anintya Novitasari. Located In The UK. Cost of living in the UK is expensive but the campus allows international students to part time. And the campus also provides scholarships

Actually, I only had 1.5 months preparation for every single thing before my post graduate programme started. I even confused how to proceed my application form and submit all of the requirements. Fortunately, Sun Education always helped me to organize all of those things step by step and answer all of my questions, even during Eid holiday.

They also held pre-departure briefing which explained briefly about much information and made us mingle with other friends. Now I’m enjoying study at Newcastle University United Kingdom and I’m proud being one of Sun Education family!

Nama : Anintya Novitasari
Asal Sekolah : ITB
Sekolah yang Dituju: Newcastle University, UK
Program Studi : Operations and Supply Chain Management

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