Testimonial of University of Technology Sydney
Reinardus Jason Gunawan
13 October 2012
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13 October 2012

Ferie Xinjia

Testimonial of INTO Manchester

Testimonial of INTO Manchester

Testimonial of INTO Manchester from Ferie Xinjia.Located in the UK. Is a mile stone before study university in United Kingdom. Many international students study here

Nama : Ferie Xinjia
Asal Sekolah : IPEKA High
Sekolah yang di tuju : INTO Manchester
Program : Foundation Business Course
Intake : January 2012

I don’t have any hesitation to recommend SUN EDUCATION to students who has eager to study overseas but doesn’t know where to start with. This agent consultant helps you to fulfill your dream, starting from personal consultation until the particular student found its desired school. The staffs in this agent are well prepared and professional. I feel satisfied because of the service that she offered and her patient, besides she is really down to earth kind of person. So, you don’t need to worry much because with SUN Education, everything are as easy as reading.

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