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1 March 2017
Testimonials Study in UK
Shaviera Gita Anisha
1 March 2017

Joshua Bhojwani

Testimonial Study in the Netherlands

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Testimonial Study in the Netherlands

Testimonial Study in the Netherlands by Joshua Bhojwani. Studying in Holland is like a dream come true, I am always fascinated about it because I am young. I thank SUN Education for fulfilling my dream by helping the application process, visa, tickets, accommodation and most of all, to help me more than just customers. I as a student who wants to study abroad is greatly helped by the services and information provided by SUN Education


Come to SUN Education and your future will be taken care of!


Nama : Joshua Bhojwani
Asal Sekolah : SMA Taman Rama, Bali
Sekolah yang dituju : University of Twente, Netherland
Program : Bachelor in Electrical Engineering


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