SUN Education Branch of Semarang
15 August 2016
Testimonials From Mr. David Thornber
Durham University, UK
11 September 2016

Testimonial from Mr Saksono Boenjamin (University of Warwick)

Testimonials SUN Education of Saksono Boenjamin parents Ariska Visono Boenjamin.

SUN Education has played a major role in realizing my child’s desire to continue his studies to the UK. The entire process ranging from institutional selection, registration, document completeness, document translation, to basic briefings for the preparation of life in the UK has been assisted by SUN Education.

I appreciate SUN Education’s efforts in establishing and maintaining good communication with my child, so that everything is clearly updated. Thank you, SUN Education


Saksono Boenjamin (Parents of Ariska Visono Boenjamin)
MSc in Programme and Project Management – University of Warwick, UK


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