Testimonial Study in the Netherlands
Joshua Bhojwani
1 March 2017
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13 March 2017

Shaviera Gita Anisha

Testimonials Study in UK

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Testimonials Study in UK

Testimonials Study in UK by Shaviera Gita Anisha. Great service!! SUN Education really helps me to prepare my master’s degree in the United Kingdom. Ever since the beginning of the consultation, documents preparation and administration to pre-departure briefing, everything was satisfying. I will definitely recommend SUN Education to my friends and relatives. I hope SUN Education always delivers the best service. And SUN also provides what counseling department is right for me. In fact they also provide information about the campus environment so I am not wrong in determining the university. Hopefully SUN Education always gives the best. Good job, SUN Education!

Name : Shaviera Gita Anisha
Former School : Universitas Parahyangan
Institution Name : Northumbria University, UK
Majoring : MSc Marketing

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