Testimonial of Glion Institute of Higher Education Switzerland
Helen Natasia
19 August 2011
Testimonial of Anglia University
Christofer Taslim
19 August 2011

Eric Hannopo

Testimonial University of Technology

Excellent Customer Service Evaluation Form

Nama : Eric Hannopo
Asal Sekolah : SMA Santu Petrus, Pontianak
Sekolah yang dituju : University of New South Wales
Jurusan : Foundation
Intake : August 2011

Many friends of mine face a lot of difficulties choosing the right university. Fortunately, as the youngest son in my family, I am able to learn from the experience of my brother who has succeeded in going to his favourite university in Australia with the support and guidance of Sun Education Pontianak. Therefore, without any hesitation I asked Sun for their professional assistance and satisfying services again.

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