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Anita Wiryanto
19 August 2011
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Eric Hannopo
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Helen Natasia

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Testimonial Macquarie University

Testimonial Macquarie University from Helen Natasia.Located disydney and not far to the city center. It has a great view. The campus building is big enough. It consists of many classrooms.

Nama : Helen Natasia
Asal Sekolah : SMA Santu Petrus, Pontianak
Sekolah yang dituju : Macquarie University
Jurusan : Bachelor of Arts (Psychology)
Intake : February 2011

At the beginning it was quite confusing to choose which university I should go. I recalled that I considered several options before finally making up my mind to choose Macquarie University, thanks to the friendly & professional assistance of Sun Education. My enrolment to the university was quickly processed and my student visa also came out pretty fast. It’s been such a pleasure to know everyone in Sun Education & I’m truly grateful for everything they’ve done for me. All the best, sunners!

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