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Tjandra Kusasih
19 August 2011
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Glenn Samuel Tanuwidjaja

Testimonial Douglas College Canada

Testimonial Douglas College Canada

Testimonial Douglas College Canada from Glenn Samuel Tanuwidjaja. Located in British columbia Canada. Quite a lot of international students are studying at Douglas College Canada. They are from various countries. Because of its environment from several cultures. So it is not difficult adaptation with campus.

Nama : Glenn Samuel Tanuwidjaja
Asal Sekolah : BINUS Int’l School Simprug
Sekolah yang dituju : Douglas College Canada
Jurusan : English as Second Language – University Transfer Program
Intake : Sept 2011

SUN Education is a good student service. It gives me an opportunity to decide for my own future and about my education. I felt the staff was great and I’m happy to work with SUN.

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