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Francesca Joanne Widjaja

Testimonial University of Otago

Testimonial University of Otago

Testimonial University of Otago from Fransesca Joanne Widjaja. Located in Dundine, New Zealand. There are not too many international students studying at Otago University. But the local students are friendly enough. But it has ranked 150 world’s top universities

Nama : Francesca Joanne Widjaja
Asal Sekolah : St. Laurensia
Sekolah yang Dituju : University of Otago
Intake : Febuari 2011

I was extremely nervous before coming to Dunedin because I came here by myself and I didn’t know anyone. I was scared that I couldn’t survive the icy winter or that I couldn’t make any friends. However, after meeting my homestay parent, walking around the city, and going through my first week of Foundation Year, I was glad I made the choice to come here. Even though the weather is very cold, i got used to it in about 2 weeks. I also made a lot of friends from around the world, studied interesting subjects, breathing fresh air everyday, and probably best of all…. no traffic jams!
Studying in University of Otago’s Foundation Year is great! Foundation Year gives a taste of what university will probably be like because we have our lectures in the university buildings. All the teachers and staff are very nice and casual. It makes studying a lot more fun. Also, there is an activity or an event every week for students to join. Such as soccer games, museum trips, cultural nights, etc. The campus is so big and beautiful, made up of both modern and old historic buildings. Plus, it’s only a ten-minute walk to the city center!
SUN Education helped me through the process of choosing the right place for me to study by providing lots of information and options. Also helping in the university and visa application process. I find it very helpful because I could concentrate on studying for my final national exam. So thank you SUN!

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