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Testimonial University of Auckland

Testimonial University of Auckland from Jessica Vania Wibowo. Why we must study in University of Auckland. Because we can find many major and also they have a reputable lecturer.

Testimonial University of AucklandNama: Jessica Vania Wibowo
Dari: SMA St Theresia
Program: Bachelor of Food Science
Intake: Oct 2009 at University of Auckland

Hi everyone,
I believe that choosing university for your future education is a very hard decision, especially if you just graduated from high school and you don’t know anything about studying abroad. That’s what I felt before and even it made me stressful. Firstly, I will introduce myself; my name is Jessica Vania Wibowo and I’m doing my Bachelor degree at The University of Auckland, majoring Food Science.

Before I decide to go there, I was struggling with it. I want to study in New Zealand but I don’t know which university is suitable for my major. One day, my high school, St.Theresia held an education fair in 2009 and I found NexGen (Sun Education) and met Ms. Juwita. I talked to her about my problems and she helped me with lots of information and finally I choose University of Auckland (UoA). She helped me to enrol to the Foundation course at ACG-NZIC (New Zealand International College) which is the certificate foundation of UoA. I’m so glad that my enrolment was so easy and it’s all because of NexGen (Sun Education). I was surprised that NexGen (Sun Education) will help me that much including every little single thing like accommodation, translate all my documents, IELTS requirements, departures, etc. The process was fast, and Ms. Juwita always answered my entire question properly.

The University of Auckland established in 1883, it has grown into an international centre of learning and academic excellence and is New Zealand’s largest university with over 40,000 students and nearly 4000 international students from 93 countries worldwide. It’s even ranked as the number one university in New Zealand. In addition, Auckland ranked 4th out of 215 world cities quality of life. Overall, I will highly recommend NexGen (Sun Education) for your education consultant. They work professionally, fast, and free… I bet you will never ever feel regret to choose NexGen (Sun Education). They will always help you everytime, everywhere. I hope you will have great experience with NexGen (Sun Education)!

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