Testimonial Singapore Institue of Management
Sheilla Christie
19 August 2011
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Tjandra Kusasih
19 August 2011

Hansen Salim

Testimonial Newcastle University

Testimonial Newcastle University

Testimonial Newcastle University from Hansen Salim. Located in the city of Newcastle London, United Kingdom. Near to the city center.It has an Incredible facilitation and has a well-equipped language center

Nama : Hansen Salim
Asal Sekolah : INTO Newcastle
Sekolah yang Dituju : Newcastle University
Intake : Oktober 2011

The experience during my process for an overseas study would not have been so delightful without the help of SUN Education. Initially, I thought that the process necessary for studying overseas will be very complicated. To begin with, I don’t really know what to prepare, what is the requirement from the university, and whether if I have chosen the right university for myself. Thanks to SUN Education, not only I was helped during the application process, all my queries and problems had been solved professionally.

After choosing the right university, the next process is the application to that university which includes accommodation and visa to that country. The process was unexpectedly easy as I need only to provide the data required listed by SUN Education, and they took care the rest of the process. SUN Education also arranges the IELTS test for me and suggest me to pre-take their English lesson which is very useful. Furthermore, they inform and prepare me for the living conditions at the destination country, such as what to bring and what to expect.

In the end, all application process went smoothly and SUN Education supported me not only until I arrive there, but until I have perfectly settled down at my new environment. I would definitely suggest SUN Education to all of my friends for their overseas study application.

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