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13 April 2011
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Testimonial INTO Exeter

Testimonial INTO Exeter from Priscilla Frances. Overall INTO is good institution. If you want to continue your study into University. You can learn what major do you wan to learn to next university

Testimonial INTO ExeterNama: Priscilla Frances
Dari: SMAK Penabur 3 Jakarta
Program: Diploma Business & Management
Intake: Sept 2010 at INTO Exeter

Hi everyone! My name is Priscilla Frances. Currently, I’m studying in INTO university of Exeter – Diploma of Business Management. I would like to share my experience of preparing my study and the study itself at INTO. Every year my ex-school holds an education exhibition in which a lot of universities and education agents join in. Since my first year of senior high school, I have had a passion to study in foreign country. Therefore I started to collect information from the education agencies, one of them is SUN Education. I found that the staff in SUN Education are very helpful. They tried to offer me the best universities that suit me.

During my last year of high school, my parents and I started to visit SUN Education office to have further consultations about studying abroad. At first I chose Australia as my destination. As time went by, Ms Juwita, one of the staff in SUN Education, told me about the opportunity to study in UK. I have never thought of studying in UK before. I was really in doubt to take the opportunity. By having discussed the advantages and losses of studying in UK and Australia with Ms Juwita, I finally decided to continue my study in UK. Ms Juwita helped me by collecting information about some UK universities and their environment. After discussing with my parents I decided to study in INTO – University of Exeter. In my opinion INTO is a great institution. The idea of the institution is to be a stepping stone for students before entering university life. I found that teachers in INTO are friendly and helpful. They are willing to answer any questions related to the lesson. Moreover the small class size makes it easier for students to interact with the teacher.

For you who are fancy of living in a small peaceful city, Exeter is one of the options. The environment here is so relaxing. Exeter is a perfect place for students who usually need quiet environment for studying. I really enjoy my life here. Besides studying I am working part-time in one of the fast food chain. I realize by studying abroad I can try a lot of new things and meet a lot of people from different cultures. Thanks to Ms Juwita and SUN Services I could have all of this precious experience.

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