Testimonial Green River Community College
Kirana Genata Saputra
15 November 2011
Testimonial Diablo Valley Collge
Mary Sofiani
15 November 2011

Demetrios Joshua Balaskas

Testimonial Shoreline Community College

Testimonial Shoreline Community College

Testimonial Shoreline Community College from Demetrios Joshua Balaskas. It has a large classroom. Experienced lecturer. Friendly staff. Students who help each other. Quite a lot of international students are studying here

Nama : Demetrios Joshua Balaskas
Asal Sekolah : Foundation di MIBT Jakarta
Sekolah yang Dituju : Shoreline Community College
Jurusan : University Transfer Program (Engineering)
Intake : September 2011

SUN Education really helped me to apply to Shoreline and their service is helpful to me. They provided a great service and it helped so much. It helped me plan my future studies and I grateful for that. They have done a great job in assisting me for going to the USA.

Shoreline Community College is a great place to study, it has good programs and it is a good environment. It is a green college and it has various students from different countries. The lessons are interesting and it is fun to study here. The Seattle area is also a great place! This is awesome!

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