Testimonial of Glion Institute of Higher Education Switzerland
22 August 2011
Testimonial SIM Singapore
22 August 2011

Jordy Liong

Testimonial De Anza College

Testimonial De Anza College

Testimonial De Anza College from Jordy Liong. University staff is very professional. Helps if there are difficulties. And the lecturers are also highly qualified. Can teach well

Nama : Jordy Liong
Asal Sekolah : SMA Kanisius
Sekolah yang Dituju : De Anza College
Jurusan : UTP Program (Finance, General)

For me, SUN Education’s services are really helpful. The staffs are friendly, professional, and deft. They gave me many information about things to do when applying to college, transferring to university, applying visa, etc, even gave me pre departure briefing about restricted items, tips, what to do, and important notes.

Thank you SUN for helping me to get what I want : a good college and study overseas. SUN Education Group is definitely the best international Education Consultant in Indonesia.

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