Testimonial IELTS Perparation Class
31 January 2011
Testimonial James Cook University
Karina Lestari
31 January 2011

Firman Setiady

Testimonial IELTS Preparation Class

Testimonial IELTS Preparation Class

Testimonial IELTS Preparation Class from Firman Setiady. I know SUN English from my friend at school who’s going to study in Australia too, when I first came to the IELTS prep class I was nervous but I think it’s enjoyable since the class atmosphere was good and fun, still you have to know when to get serious though.

I love the class especially when we can learn to speak English with any topic with the teachers and our friends, it doesn’t feel like studying but it is studying and the teacher was also very kind and funny, I didn’t study for too long, it was like only a month but I think I did well since in the end I got a good score for my IELTS test

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