Testimonial James Cook University
Karina Lestari
31 January 2011
SUN Education Branch of Surabaya
7 February 2011

Stefanus Yudanto

Testimonial IELTS Preparation

Testimonial IELTS Preparation

Testimonial IELTS Preparation from Stefanus Yudanto. I need an IELTS Prep and decided to surf the internet. I ended up with SUN English.
When I joined the class, I was worried about my English but the teacher always encouraged me.

He was able to interact creatively to sharpen your skills. The teacher will also help you to find out your weakness. However don’t be sad, he will help you to improve. The good things from SUN English are flexible course time, fast course duration, test practice score tracking, and focus on IELTS test preparation. The teacher will tell you lots of useful test tricks. In addition, extra tests preparation will always help to sharpen your skills. You will not only be prepared for IELTS test, but also your English skills will be improved. Thank you SUN English for helping me, my IELTS placement test was 4.5 but I got 6.5 for my IELTS.

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