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Cukup koperatif dan sangat dibantu sejak persiapan, pemilihan universitas, hingga kepengurusan dokumen dan accommodation. Selain itu, kita terus dimonitor hingga kami benar2 settle di UK. Keep up the good works SUN!

Overall, the service provided by SUN is absolutely good and very helpful, starting from registration process up to the departure to the UK. At least with these services, I can eliminate one of the cause of ‘dizziness’ due administrative issues. In addition, for those who are not accustomed to speak ‘londo’ in their daily lives, SUN is also quite helpful by providing the learning process to improve IELTS Score which is one of the key requirements that might be fulfilled.

Finally, for all of SUNners, without your assistance, going to UK will never be this fantastic. Thank you. Keep up the good work, mate! cheers

Ade, Eva, Yudha
Bournemouth University, UK
Class of 2010

PT Pelabuhan Indonesia (Pelindo)

Fantastic … We were absolutely satisfied !
Thank you very much for all your sincere help. We hope that SUN will always continue success and having a great prosperity for all of SUN’s Family.
You’ll never walk alone.

Awesome !!!!
SUN has given me tremendous informations during the preparation of my postgraduate study.
Keep up your magnificent work, hopefully you always be the SUN in everyone’s heart (especially for those people who wants to pursue their hope and dreams to study abroad)

Frankly, I can’t imagine if I have to handle all of my application process by myself since SUN Education Group helped me a lot. SUN Education Group team has a quick response for my questions and always tried his best for solving the problems. I’m also very pleased because SUN Education Group gives the pre departure briefing which gave us much information and made us mingle with other friends who will go to study as well in UK. Besides, they helped me in the process for applying UK Visa, so that could run smoothly. Right now, I ‘m taking course at SUN Education Group Kelapa Gading for preparing my school in UK & the teacher is amazing. Thank you, SUN Education Group.

Benny Ariadi, Ilham Leman, Yosi, Anintya Novitasari
Liverpool John Moores University, UK
Newcastle University, UK
Class of 2012


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