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Mitzi Oktaviani Chandra

Testimonial of Lasalle College of the Arts

Testimonial of Lasalle College of the Arts

Testimonial of Lasalle College of the Arts from Mitzi Oktaviani Chandra. Specialist in fashion education. Many graduates of lassale who became famous designers. Provide a different learning experience.

Nama : Mitzi Oktaviani Chandra
Asal Sekolah : Bukit Sion
Sekolah yang di tuju : LASALLE College of the Arts, Singapore
Program : Art
Intake : July 2011

Choosing good university was not easy thing for me, especially when I try to search for an Art University that is suitable for me. Before I knew SUN Education, my dad and I are always trying to find out all information by visiting various education exhibition including SUN Expo. Our searching was ended when we met SUN Counselor and got information about Lasalle College of Arts in Singapore. SUN Education has assisted me throughout the process until I get acccepted. SUN has made my life much easier since.

Living in Singapore was totally a rewarding experience. I live alone so I have to be very independent, firstly I felt homesick so badly, but luckily everyone here are warm welcoming and nice. I make a lot of friends from different country.

Thank’s to SUN Education for helping me all this time. Wish I can be successful in the future !

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