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Winna Yudistika: Earned A Master’s Degree in the UK for Career Expansion

Foto; SUN

Winna Yudistika (29) is not tired of pursuing knowledge. Graduated as a Bachelor of Economics at the University of Indonesia and worked in a bank for 4 years, she then “crossed” Europe to continue her graduate studies. In 2017, Winna successfully completed her studies in Marketing and Business Analysis, University of Edinburgh, UK; holds an MSc degree.

Winna Yudistika

Winna Yudistika. Foto: SUN

To SUN, this April 16th-born girl shared valuable experiences during her study abroad, including 18 hours of fasting experience in the UK. Let’s take a look at our interviews:

Why did want to study in the UK?

I chose to study in the UK because the majority of the master course duration is only a year. I wanted to study to the university faster to save time and cost of living. This is because after I graduated, I had a career as a Corporate Banking Relationship Manager in a bank, for 4 years. So with a short graduate period, the time spent was even more efficient.


What do you think about the advantage of studying abroad?

I got a lot of knowledge that is not limited only to the academic sphere. I know how to approach people with different cultures as well as I learn to be independent, supported by a very good UK society, friendly, and caring for others. Through them, I learned to be a worthy and responsible person. Besides, the proudest, I can cook by myself! Before I lived in the UK, I could not even cook. And now? I can make Padang Sauce Crab cuisine!


What’s the most fun thing about studying in the UK?

I could travel to many places! He … he .. he … Apparently, UK is not limited only in London. Edinburgh for example. The city offers many wonderful and beautiful destinations. In addition to traveling, by studying in the UK can also help us expand relationships. I have so many friends from different countries and backgrounds. I believe, one day, they could be a ‘door opener’ to me.


Winna Yudistika. Foto: SUN


Tell us what you are doing now!

I’m running a florist business, called Bibury Flower. The name is inspired by the name from a village in the UK, which has a beautiful view. I’ve been running the business with my sister since 2017.


What is the toughest challenge to run the business?

If I work in the office, it is clear how much a month salary can be. Meanwhile, if I run a business, in a month, it is uncertain that the business is generating profits. Sometimes, if I am not having enough money, I like to think ‘If I work in an office, I can earn more.’ He .. he .. he … But even if it’s hard, I try to keep my intention, because I like to do business.


How is the implementation of Marketing and Business Analysis science in your business?

Well, the science during college is very useful! There are some people who mocked me: ‘How can you go to college abroad only ends up being a florist?’ In fact, there are so many marketing sciences that I learned and I reapplied during this business run. Marketing in Digital World, for example. This science teaches me how to make a good marketing plan and how to choose the right marketing content in social media. I also learned about brand management and target-market settings. If I had not learned it all, I would be confused about running the business now.

What’s your big dream do you want to achieve in the future?

I want to focus on the florist business. This year or next year, I want to study a one-month short course in London, specifically learning how to make hand bouquet, installation for wedding decoration, and so on.


Winna Yudistika. Photo: SUN


Speaking of Ramadan, please share your fasting experience while you study in the UK.

Fasting in the UK is a very long time! At that time, the suhoor began at 3 am, breaking the fast started at 10 pm. On the one hand, having fasting in the UK was fun because, at that time, I was doing my dissertation, so the college schedule off. But on the other hand, my brain was stuck, it felt like it couldn’t be used for thinking. Maybe, it was because of I lack nutrients, huh? He..he..he…


What about the Muslim community in the UK?

There is an Islamic Society from the university. The board is quite active to hold a weekly meeting. I’ve done it a few times. Unfortunately, due to the busy lecture schedule, I could not be joined the community there.


Tell us how you know SUN Education!

I know SUN Education from friends. She is assisted by SUN Education when she is enrolling in a college enrollment in Bournemouth, UK. Well, when I asked for information about studying in the UK, my friend immediately recommend SUN Education.


How did you experience using SUN Education services?

So far, so good. The counselor is friendly, approachable, active in doing follow up all the needs of college registration. Especially about the visa. For example, I was asked to collect documents and then come straight for an interview. SUN Education counselors make it easy for all of them. I’ve just got it sorted.


How important do you think side by side with the education agents while preparing for study abroad?

For me who was still working in an office, assisted by an educational agent is very helpful. Most of the time I’ve had is up at the office. I didn’t have much time to take care of any print registration enrollment. Well, SUN Education came to help me prepare all that stuff.


Share tips for Sunners who also want to study abroad …

First, find out what you want to study. Search the information on the website, about the general description of the major you want to take. Also, consider about are you really able to take that course?


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