Testimonial of Alexander College
Febiana Tedja
19 November 2012
Education Fair SMAN 6 2012
22 November 2012

Yonathan Ewin Kuswara

Testimonial of Monash College

Testimonial of Monash College

Testimonial of Monash College from Yonathan Ewin Kuswara.Very happy to be studying at Monash College. The campus environment is comfortable and supportive for learning. And campus staff who are ready to help if students have difficulties

Great!! I thought studying in Australia would be complicating. However, the supportive ‘family’ in SUN Education help me make everything simple. As one said that failure to plan means planning for your failure, SUN Education will help you to plan about everything you need in overseas so you don’t need to plan for your failures.

All in all, the warmest smile which as warm as sun will make you feel comfortable.
Nama : Yonathan Ewin Kuswara
Asal Sekolah : SMA Kristen Yusuf
Sekolah yang dituju : Monash College, Melbourne
Program : Diploma of Business (Commerce)[:]

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