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29 November 2018
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14 April 2021

Les Roches-Global Hospitality Education

advertising, brochure, web design photography

advertising, brochure, web design photography

With campuses in Switzerland, Spain and China, Les Roches is an international school for a global industry. The unique blend of academic excellence, hands-on learning and real-world challenges prepares students for leadership careers in hospitality and beyond. Balancing theory with practice and independent learning with strong faculty mentorship, the varied programs provide graduates with a solid foundation for lifelong learning.

Over 2,700 students study at Les Roches, with 800 on internship at any one time. The strong relationships that the school enjoys with businesses around the world ensures students have access to real-world experience throughout their studies. Regular Career Days bring these businesses on-campus for events, networking and interviews, resulting in 95% of students either employed or choosing between multiple offers on graduation day.

Fully accredited by the New England Commission of Higher Education (NECHE), programs available at Les Roches allow students to customize their educational pathway, choosing specializations and study locations to suit their ambitions. Experiential learning is embedded in the curriculum, giving students access to the latest technology and techniques, and creating future leaders that can shape the industries they choose to work in. Being a Les Roches graduate opens doors to the most influential companies, creating unlimited career opportunities.

The Les Roches Way of Life is completely unique, starting with the enviable campus locations and culminating in an unrivalled educational and life experience. Upon graduation, students become lifelong members of the Les Roches Alumni Association, gaining the support and influence of over 12,000 members around the world. Students arrive with a passion for hospitality, and leave with an entrepreneurial mindset that allows them to innovate, lead and shape the future of the industries they work in.

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