Testimonial from Mrs Ingriana (NYFA)
14 October 2017
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27 October 2017

Testimonial from Mrs Lina (DVC)

Testimonial from Mrs Lina (DVC), The parent of Riani Tricahya and Aryadi Dharma.

SUN Education is familiar to my ears. I have heard about SUN Education many times, and in the end, I tried to send my first child to study at Diablo Valley College (DVC).
Apparently, the result was satisfactory. Everything went well and smoothly starting from IELTS ™ test, visa arrangement until registration at school. Because I was satisfied with the results of the services, I sent my twins to study at Edmonds Community College, Seattle.
For parents who want to send their children study abroad can use the services of SUN Education which has good quality.

Lina (The parent of Riani Tricahya and Aryadi Dharma)

Business Administration Management – Diablo Valley College & Edmonds Community College, USA

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