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22 September 2017
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14 October 2017

UK Update: Meningitis Vaccination Regulation

The UK government released Meningitis vaccination regulation that has been effective since the last August that urged all international students to do a vaccine (www.gov.uk) . The vaccination aims to prevent Meningitis (inflammation of the lining of the brain) and Septicaemia (blood poisoning). Both of these diseases can cause paralysis or sudden death so that precautions should be taken.

Public Health England released Meningitis vaccination regulation and urged international students to vaccine

What is Meningitis / Source: Google

The cases of people affected by Meningitis W (MenW) have been on the rise since 2009. In February 2009, a joint committee on vaccination and immunization of the government declared the disease has plagued in England and Wales. Meningitis is caused by invasive infection of the Neisseria bacteria known as Meningococcus which causes infection of the protective film surrounding the brain and spinal cord. This infection causes the Meninges membrane to become inflamed and damage the nerves and brain.

Therefore, students are urged to get vaccinated to protect themselves from Meningitis before starting college amid the ‘rapid rise’ of deadly cases on campus. Implementation of the Meningitis vaccination regulation can be done both in the UK and in the country of origin.

If the students do vaccination in Indonesia, make sure the language in the vaccination card is in English and will be brought to the UK. However, if you choose to be vaccinated in the UK, students can use the NHS (National Health Service) for free on a predetermined schedule.

 The treatment of vaccination Meningitis is given with a single injection in the upper arm

Meningitis Vaccination/ Source: Segiempat.com

There are two types of vaccine to be used, namely Nimenrix and Menveo. Both of vaccines help the body to produce antibody against the bacteria that cause Meningitis. The vaccination is given for international students who take the program year 13 (age 17-18 years old) and students (up to age 25). The treatment of vaccination Meningitis is given with a single injection in the upper arm.

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