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30 June 2017
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7 DO’S and 3 DON’T’s IELTS Writing Task 1
7 July 2017

Recognize the Arrangement to Study in the Netherlands

Recognize the Management of Lectures in the Netherlands

Recognize the Arrangement to Study in the Netherlands

Recognize the Arrangement to Study in the Netherlands. The Netherlands provides an extensive opportunity for students from abroad to gain knowledge in their country. Did you know the steps of enrollment to the university in Tulip State?

The first step, you must make a plan of study as needed. Some things to consider are determining your interests and talents, what you want to get from the study for one to four years, and how you plan on returning home.

After making the study plan, prepare the document in accordance with the requirements. Make sure that your study plan can be implemented perfectly, so at the time of preparation, the document will be easier, such as conformity of GPA (GPA) and English test results that meet the requirements of the intended university entrance.

If the main requirements are met then the preparation of documents will become relatively easier. The next step is to obtain the offer letter, followed by acceptance by way of payment, form filling and then make entry permits and study in the Netherlands.

For that, students need to have a visa and a resident permit. The management of both is initiated by the university, so prospective students need to provide the required documents to the university for the arrangement. The time required for the arrangement of the two permits ranges from four to six weeks.

After the University informs that the entry and study permit in the Netherlands has been approved, the prospective student needs to make an appointment with the Dutch Embassy in Jakarta for the process of attaching the visa to the passport (labeling). This process takes three to 10 business days.

After obtaining a visa, prospective students can certainly leave for the Netherlands. As for the arrangement of resident permit will continue the process when prospective students have arrived in the Netherlands and will be assisted by the university.

Visa is the important thing to recognize the arrangement to study in the Netherlands

Source: JCS Immigration

In addition, accommodation and pick-up at destination airports also need to be prepared. Of course, these steps should be in accordance with the timeline of application management at various universities. Therefore, do not hesitate to take advantage of SUN Education consultancy services that provide interest and talent test services which can be used as a reference in consultation of making study plans and registration of universities, please visit the nearest SUN office. (NIK)


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