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1 March 2018
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About CEI and the Process of Entry Permits and Study in Canada

visa dan study permit ke Kanada

Speaking of Canada, the quality of education in Canada is guaranteed. No wonder if many students abroad do not mind the weather and distance for the sake of studying in Canada. If you are interested in studying here, you must know the process of applying for a visa and study permit to Canada.

Fyi, Canadian Education International (CEI) is an institution based in the Sudirman area of Jakarta and has a focus on promoting studying in Canada. Given the similarity of purpose, CEI and education consultants work together and have good relationships.

Other important information to know before deciding to study in Canada, which is the process of obtaining Canada entry permits (visa) and study permits. Prospective students need to have a visa and study permit to Canada to be able to study in there.

The difference between visa and study permit is that visa is the required permission to enter Canada, while study permit is a permit required to live in Canada and work as a student. For the first student to apply for a Canadian visa, both types of permits can be processed simultaneously through the online system.

The process of obtaining a visa and study permit to Canada begins with form filling, uploading all required documents up to payment of visa money, so no more hardcopy documents need to be prepared. After that, it takes four to six weeks to get a notification that both permissions have been processed.

Furthermore, the passport should be provided to VFS Canada located in Kuningan City Mall Jakarta for the purpose of attaching permission to entry into Canada in the form of visa label. There is a fee to pay for the visa label process. As for the study permit, the student will receive a letter of introduction to the study permit. This cover letter needs to be brought by the student while traveling to Canada. Then upon arrival of a student in Canada, this cover letter will be exchanged for the original study permit.

The visa process must be adjusted to the timeline of the study plan. Therefore, make sure your study plan is correct. And please contact the nearest SUN Education office for the consultation regarding your study plan up to your visa and study permit assistance.


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