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Best Hotel Management Study in Les Roches Jin Jiang
3 May 2017
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INTI Malaysia: Advanced Engineering and Its Pathway to Study in USA
4 May 2017

Wanna Study in Uncle Sam’s Country? Let’s First Know The F-1 Visa!

Ingin Belajar di Negeri Paman Sam? Kenali Dulu Visa F-1

The United States of America. The famous country with its Statue of Liberty continues to be a popular destination for both traveling and continuing education. The wide selection of top universities, qualified community colleges, and diverse majors are the main attraction.

Definitely, the experience of living and feeling directly American culture will be a memorable moment. Well, before studying in the United States, you need to understand well the management of residence permit as a student in the United States known as the F-1 Visa.

The F-1 Visa belongs to a nonimmigrant visa or visa intended for a person to stay in the United States only for a certain period of time, as well as a strong evidence that they will return to their home country. The F-1 Visa is for students who are educated with academic nature so that the duration of the visa will be given according to the duration of study that will be taken.

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To get the visa, the student needs to register online, complete the required documents, make an appointment for the interview, and then go to the US Embassy in Jakarta to provide visa documents and attend the interview session.

Unlike other country visa handling, the interview session on Visa F-1 has an important role and determines the success of the visa application itself because you will be able to directly know the results of the visa application.  So, do not let your interview session is not well prepared.

Many who think getting a US student visa (F-1) is very difficult. But no need to worry, our counselor will gladly guide you to do the planning that is mature and efficient, so studying in the Land of Uncle Sam is no longer just a dream. Make sure you visit the nearest SUN office for more details on the F-1 visa arrangements and make your dreams come true! (NRK)

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