Sommet Education

Exclusive Cafe Talk With Hospitality Expert

The Rosemary British, Gastropub


Sunday, Februari 12th 2017,  1PM – 4PM

It is time to start planning for your future with us!

Sommet Education is the world’s most extensive network of hospitality management institutions. It provides the quality of Swiss and business education through accredited programs in Switzerland, China, Spain, the UK, the U.S. and Jordan.

Join us on Sunday, February 12th 2017 and take the opportunity to learn more about the vibrant world of international hospitality and the educational paths that can lead you to a successful international business career in this fast-growing industry!

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During the seminar, Country Manager from Sommet Education, Ms. Yenny Chen will offer exclusive talk show, academic, one-on-one counseling & virtual tours of the school and programs that are right for you.

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