International Education Expo

Sun Education holds an International Education Expo to purpose at providing overseas university information for students who wish to study abroad

What do you think of our International Education Expo 2012 at Jakarta?

Elle Freestone – University of Waikato (NZ)

I’ve been taking part in the SUN Education Fair here in Jakarta. I can tell you that it’s an absolutely fantastic fair to take part in. Jakarta is an exciting city and opportunities here to recruit students appear to be endless.

SUN Education as an organization is extremely professional. I feel that when parents and potential students use SUN Education as an agent to help them find education globally. They’re in good hands. And as a university we’re very well taken care of by SUN and well represented.

Zaraq Rafik – Northumbria University (UK)

What I think about the Fair? I would say the Fair has been good. I’ve been supporting SUN since day one and I will keep supporting SUN.
And what I think about the organization is that it’s efficient, professional, and friendly—three words about SUN education.

George Warshaw – Study Group

These past two days have both been very good. They’re very well attended. Slightly different student demographics, first one being slightly geared towards myself representing the international study centers. We’ve experienced slightly younger student inquiries so that’s also been more appropriate for my colleagues.

I must say firstly that SUN is very well known in Indonesia. In terms of the brand of SUN, it’s very fantastic to see all of the logos everywhere, all of the merchandise. It’s incredibly professional. That’s probably the key words I’d use to describe SUN.

Ariel Lee – SIM (Singapore)

We’ve worked with SUN since 2006 I think. So it’s quite some time back. Before SUN became SUN, I was working with NexGen Education, Harianto and his team. And now after they became SUN I think they shine even brighter. Every year when SUN has an exhibition it’s getting better and better. It’s very good, very well organized. So it’s actually very good event to attend, to meet potential students. We got good support from the SUN team. The counsels are perfect, very responsive, very reactive, very responsible. I really appreciate
when they’re actually helping us to get students to come to study at SIM.

Of course, SUN has also been our top agent for the past two years when we have our Top Agents Award given by SIM Global Education. So thank
you very much for your help.

Joanne Tan – Nothingham Malaysia

I think this Fair is very good. SUN Education is very organized. And the team is organized. Everything is in a very organized manner. The crowd is also very good. The quality of the students is also there. They actually know what they want, which is quite nice. Because our intake is one year later, the fact that right now they already know what they want is something that came as a surprise.
As an organization, SUN is sunny. And they are very organized, like I said. Hopefully I’ll be able to participate more in SUN Fairs in the future.

Fatma Sarbini – UNSW Global

This is a very good expo with very good quality students. It’s very good in terms of the application as well. We are very happy with this. Yesterday and today have been very good.
SUN is a very big organization. I know this is like very young organization, almost three years old, if I’m not mistaken, but very big, with very high number of staff. Congratulations to SUN Education! I’ll definitely join the future events!

Stephen North – Newcastle University (UK)

This is my first visit to Indonesia. So it’s a very good opportunity for me to see the market; to see what the interest is like in terms of the programs that we have available. So I really enjoyed it. Your organization has been very good. I see some very good students and their parents and lots of good enquiries to follow up.
I’ve had very little knowledge of SUN. I have the email correspondence with them during the course of the last couple of the months. But I’ve very recently taken over the region from my colleague, but my first impressions have been very good.
I’ve still got a lot of events to do so I’m hoping bigger events in Bandung and Medan are going to be equally busy and in equally good for me.

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