Mengenal Kebudayaan dan Kebiasaan di Inggris (bagian 1)
21 Desember 2016
Mengenal Kebudayaan Dan Kebiasaan di Inggris (bagian 2)
22 Desember 2016

Kevin Mercylius

testimoni kuliah luar negeri

SUN Education has tremendously helped me go through every bits of detail I need to go over before going to Macquarie University, Australia. Each and every pre-university procedure was thoroughly and efficiently followed. The staffs are very lit and friendly, literally very (read: beyond) friendly. They even still willing to help me whenever I ran into problems related to university administration.

If I were to label my experience with SUN Education, I would undoubtedly label it as a ‘satisfactory and enjoyable’ one. I don’t even spend a second of my life regretting my decision of choosing SUN Education as my agent.

Nama : Kevin Mercylius
Asal Sekolah : SMA Katolik St Louis 1, Surabaya
Sekolah yang dituju : Macquarie University, Australia
Program : Bachelor of Actuarial Studies


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