on 25 July 2016

Pros and Cons of Working While Studying

Post By Neysya Rahma Kurniawati

Students who study abroad has the opportunity to do a part-time job while studying in some countries who giving the international students the chance to do a part time job. This opportunity can helps students in terms of finance and experience. However, let’s take a look at the pros and cons of having a part-time job while studying so you know what you have to deal with in the future.


  1. Extra Cash
Figure 1. Extra cash from working part-time job. Source: seanseahsg.com

This is usually the first reason for students for having part-time job. The extra income can help students for schools or for daily living cost.

  1. Working Experience

The experience from the part-time job can be an added value for the students after graduating from college especially if they have relevant job to their study.

Figure 2. Manage your time. Source: jobsearchingexpert.com

3. Balance Life

By having a part-time jobs during college, students will have more experience in managing their time between work and everyday life.

  1. Culture

Working part-time provides an opportunity for students to adapt more easily by meeting local people that help them to learn about the local language and culture.


  1. Time Constraints

Managing time for work and life can be a burden for students if it is not set up correctly. This could affect their study which is a more important thing to do for them.

Figure 3. Irrelevant job. Source: cmuniversity.org
  1. Working Irrelevant Job

Not every part-time job can be useful once the students graduate. They need to find a job that is related to their program study so their work experience can be used for their work later. However, finding a suitable part-time job is not an easy thing to do so it makes students work in an unrelated area.

  1. Unbalanced Life

Working a part-time job can help students in managing their time, but it is not an easy job to balancing between work and life. Even though part-time work do ot take as much time as full time job, but a student routine can take most of their time.

If you want to do a part-time job, make sure you can manage your finances and time so that the job will not be a burden and affect your study. (NRK)

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