on 1 March 2017

Getting Work Experience as International Student in UK

Post By Neysya Rahma Kurniawati

One of many advantages of studying abroad is the opportunity to get internships and part-time work that can be an added value when applying for jobs after graduation. Companies in UK appreciate the various types of work experience during the study period.

Some job options for international students are:

  • part-time jobs like in a store or a bar
  • full-time jobs during the Holidays either in UK or the country of origin
  • doing projects with external oganizations either as a program study requirements or not
  • volunteering at a charity work in the summer, which is usually related to the courses taken and lasts for two (2) to three (3) months
  • industrial placement where students are placed for one (1) year and usually is a part of the program taken

Figured 1. Prt-time job. Source: studylink
Figured 1. Part-time job. Source: studylink

Work regulations for international students are different in each country. In UK, they set the rules based on point system. International students are under Tier 4 of the points-based system from UK’s immigration. Students under tier 4 are entitled to:

  • Working part-time up to 20 hours per week during the time frame scheduled by the university
  • Working full-time during holiday periods, after research, or before the permit expires (only for four (4) months) and for students waiting for the results of the application for extension of stay permit in the UK
  • Working as a postgraduate doctor or dentist under a recognized Foundation
  • Doing an internship as a part of the program taken

For doing an internship, the university should be a Highly Trusted Sponsor in the Home Office Register of Licensed Sponsors (Tier 4) and the internship must not be more than 50% of the total duration of the program taken, unless there is a law that allows it.

Figured 2. Getting work experience. Source: moneyconnexion
Figured 2. Getting work experience. Source: moneyconnexion

Students should not be a permanent employee or self-employed, working as a doctor in training (except in a recognized foundation), or as a professional athlete, coach, or entertainer.

If you want further information about part-time work and internship regulations in UK and would like to consult about the benefits of studying abroad, please contact our counselors at the nearest SUN Education office. (NRK)

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